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  • fusilli pasta
    fusilli pasta

    A spiral-shaped pasta that ranges in length from about 2 to 12 inches long.

  • Gaeta olives
    Gaeta olives

    Medium Italian olives cured in either salt or brine. Brine-cured gaetas (shown in the photo) have a tangy yet mild flavor.

  • galangal

    This cousin of ginger is prized for its extraordinary flavor.

  • garam masala

    Garam masala, which means hot spice in Hindi, is an Indian spice blend usually used for finishing dishes throughout northern India.

  • garlic

    Countless recipes begin with the step of sautéing a little garlic because the cloves of this edible bulb (a member of the lily family) are so very flavorful.

  • gemelli pasta

    Gemelli, which menas "twins" in Italian, is a short, corkscrew-shaped pasta made up of two thick strands twisted together.

  • ginger

    Though often referred to as a root, ginger is actually a rhizome of a tropical plant.

  • goat cheese

    Though the term is a catchall for any cheese made from goat's milk, for most Americans, it calls to mind soft, white, logs of fresh cheese with a mild but tangy flavor.

  • habanero chiles

    An extremely hot chile with a fruity flavor. Habaneros are usually orange, although you may also find red, yellow and green varieties. They're a common ingredient in Caribbean cuisine.

  • ice cream

    Ice cream is a frozen dessert made from dairy products, usually cream and milk. It also contains a sweetening agent like sugar, honey, or corn syrup, and sometimes solid ingredients like fruit, candy, nuts and other mix-ins. Some ice creams have an egg custard as part of their base.

  • granulated sugar

    Few pantries don't contain a bag, bin, or box of granulated sugar. Whether made from sugar beets or sugar cane, white sugar is 99.9% pure sucrose that's refined and processed into small crystals.

  • grape tomatoes

    A bite-size tomato, this one is sweet and shaped like an elongated sphere (just like a grape). It's usually red or yellow and less than an inch in diameter. Use like cherry and pear tomatoes.

  • grapefruit

    Grapefruit, a large citrus fruit, is a sweet-tart delight that goes beyond breakfast, can be used in deliciously unexpected ways. Try adding segments to a green salad (it's also delicious with sliced...

  • Great Northern beans

    Popular in baked bean dishes, great Northern beans are large and shaped like lima beans.

  • Greek yogurt

    Traditionally made with sheep's milk, Greek yogurt is a strained yogurt, which makes it thicker and creamier than regular yogurt.

  • green beans

    “Green bean” is a generic term used for the skinny, long green beans almost universally available canned, frozen, and fresh. But the world of beans is much wider (and more colorful), as a trip to a farmers’ market will attest.

  • serrano chiles

    Very hot chiles that are smaller and hotter than jalapeños. Serranos are most often sold green, when they lend a tangy, herbal, vegetal flavor. In late summer, you may see fully ripe, red...

  • Thai curry paste

    include red and green varieties (recipe for each on site), mention massaman, other styles.

  • green French lentils

    French green lentils hold their shape well and make an attractive salad or warm side dish.

  • mangos

    This sweet, juicy tropical fruit varies in shape, size, flavor and texture depending on the variety and the region in which it's grown. There are over 1,000 different mango varieties cultivated around the world ranging in size from 6 ounces to 4 pounds, in texture from soft and pulpy to firm to slightly fibrous, and in color from green, yellow, orange, and red.

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