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  • fenugreek

    A grassy, slightly bitter herb used in Indian cuisine (the seeds are also used).

  • fennel seeds
    fennel seeds

    Fennel seeds come from common fennel. These oblong, greenish-brown seeds are often confused with aniseeds, which are similar in flavor and appearance, but smaller.

  • fenugreek seeds
    fenugreek seeds

    Tan, squarish fenugreek seeds are an important ingredient in Indian cuisine (as are fenugreek leaves). They're used in many spice blends, including South Indian sambhar powder. The flavor is bitter...

  • feta

    Feta is a rindless, white cheese aged in brine originally from Greece.

  • fettuccine

    Fettuccine, Italian for "little ribbons," is a kind of pasta. These wide, flat noodles can stand up to cream sauces and ragùs, and are good for soaking up juicier sauces.

  • filet mignon

    This exceedingly tender beef steak is cut from the tenderloin that delicious seared or grilled. Filet has a bit less flavor than other cuts, but it makes up for that in its silken texture. Filet mignon is a good match for rubs, sauces, or flavored butters.

  • fingerling potatoes

    Small and slender and somewhat resembling fingers (hence the name), fingerlings are a low-starch potato that holds its shape well making them a good, albeit petite, all-purpose potato.

  • beef flank steak

    Flank steak isn't really a steak at all, but actually an entire cut of meat; it's a long muscle found along the belly just below the rib cage.

  • flat-leaf parsley

    One of two common varieties of parsley (the other is curly).

  • fleur de sel

    Fleur de sel is a delicate white salt from the northern Atlantic coast of France, harvested by skimming the top of the evaporating sea water in salt marshes.

  • fregola

    Fregola is a type of pasta that's made by rubbing semolina and water into tiny pearls and then toasting them.

  • mozzarella

    This mild-tasting Italian cheese is made from either cow's or (in Italy) water buffalo's milk.

  • frisée

    Frisée is essentially baby curly endive. Its tender leaves are finer and its flavor is milder than its more mature cousin.

  • frozen peas

    If you can’t find good fresh peas or you crave peas when the season’s over, frozen peas are a terrific alternative.

  • frozen phyllo dough

    Phyllo, or filo, is a tissue-thin dough used widely in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking.

  • frozen puff pastry

    Puff pastry is a rich, multilayered dough. This traditional French pastry is known as a "laminated" dough because it alternates layers of fat (usually butter) with dough. It's used to make a variety of classic French pastries like croissants, napoleons, and palmiers.

  • fusilli pasta

    A spiral-shaped pasta that ranges in length from about 2 to 12 inches long.

  • Gaeta olives

    Medium Italian olives cured in either salt or brine. Brine-cured gaetas (shown in the photo) have a tangy yet mild flavor.

  • galangal

    This cousin of ginger is prized for its extraordinary flavor.

  • garam masala

    Garam masala, which means hot spice in Hindi, is an Indian spice blend usually used for finishing dishes throughout northern India.

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