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  • cashews

    Shaped like a kidney bean and tan in color, cashews are native to Brazil (though they are also grown in India and the West Indies). High in fat, they have a buttery texture and an almost sweet flavor.

  • cauliflower

    Cauliflower, like broccoli and cabbage, is a member of the healthful cruciferous vegetable family. Usually white to pale yellow in color, it’s comprised of florets in stalks that come together to form a rounded head shape. Nowadays you can also find cauliflower that’s deep-golden or purple. Then there’s the exotic lime-green Romanesco, with conical, spiral florets that look like seashells. Despite their different appearances, all types of cauliflower have a similar sweet, assertive flavor that pairs well with both rich, pungent ingredients and more delicate ones.

  • cayenne

    Cayenne is a very hot red chile generally sold whole and dried or dried and ground into cayenne powder.

  • celeriac

    Celeriac is the root of a celery plant, and tastes like a cross between celery and parsley.

  • celery

    To most Americans, celery equals crunch. But it also plays a big role in mirepoix, the aromatic vegetable base that begins many soups, stews, and braises.

  • Champagne vinegar

    Vinegar made from Champagne. It has a pale color and a delicate flavor.

  • chanterelle mushrooms

    The golden hue of chanterelles befits their bright, fruity flavor. Their size can vary from tiny blossom-like specimens to impressive 5-inch trumpets (fresh versions can weigh up to two pounds) and in both fresh and dried forms, they can be quite pricey.

  • Cheddar

    Cheddar, a firm cow's milk cheese that originated in England, has become the all-American, all-purpose cheese. Often savored simply as an appetizer, it has great melting properties making it a mainstay of grilled cheese sandwiches and beloved in "mac and cheese." It comes in a range of flavors from mild to very sharp (depending on age) and colors, from white to a deep orange from food coloring. Farmhouse English Cheddar is always a big, drum shape and never a block like its American counterpart.

  • cherry tomatoes

    Red, orange, yellow, or green, these round bite-size tomatoes are about an inch or less in diameter.

  • chervil

    Chervil, a close relative of parsley, is a aromatic, mild-flavored herb with a subtle anise flavor.

  • chicken breast cutlets

    Thin sliced, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, chicken cutlets are quick cooking.

  • chicken broth

    To make chicken broth, you simmer fresh chicken meat (and sometimes bones), carrots, onions, celery, and a few aromatics, such as parsley, thyme, and peppercorns.

  • chicken legs

    Chicken legs consist of both the thigh and the drumstick and are referred to as chicken leg quarters if both pieces are still intact. Usually sold bone-in and skin-on, thighs and drumsticks also show up skinless, and, in the case of thighs, boneless as well.

  • baguette

    Probably one of the most identifiable types of artisan bread, the baguette is a traditional French food staple.

  • chicken stock

    Good stock is a real treasure for cooks, used as a base for soups, stews, and sauces. Chicken stock is made by covering chicken bones, aromatic vegetables, and herbs in a pot with cold water to cover, and simmering.

  • chicken thighs

    Chicken thighs are the top part of the chicken leg where it connects to the body (as opposed to the drumstick, which is the bottom half).

  • chicken wings

    Chicken wings are just what they sound like. Fried, roasted or grilled, they make a fabulous appetizer.

  • chickpeas

    The pleasantly nutty flavor and creamy texture of this tan colored legume makes them a delightful addition to salads, soups, and stews and tossed with couscous and pasta.

  • chile-garlic sauce

    A chile sauce that’s a blend of chiles, garlic, salt, and vinegar. Similar to Asian chile pastes, the mixture is generally a little looser in consistency and often a little milder. Its...

  • chili powder

    When you see a spice jar labeled simply "chili powder," it's actually a mix of ground chiles with several spices like oregano, garlic powder, and cumin.

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