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  • instant yeast
    instant yeast

    Instant yeast came along about 30 years ago and has become more popular as its availability has increased...

  • instant rice
    instant rice

    Instant rice has been fully cooked and then dehydrated before being packaged and sold.

  • Irish steel-cut oatmeal
    Irish steel-cut oatmeal

    Irish oats are made from whole oat groats that are cut with steel blades (regular and old-fashioned oats are steamed and flattened with a roller rather than cut). They have a nutty flavor and a...

  • Israeli couscous

    Israeli couscous, also known as maftoul, is shaped like small pearls and is much larger than traditional North African couscous. It’s lightly toasted in an open-flame oven, but if you’re preparing it like rice pilaf, it benefits from being toasted again so that it will absorb the cooking liquid and yet remain al dente.

  • Italian eggplant

    Similar in flavor and texture to Western, or globe, eggplant, this Italian variety is smaller and shaped more like a teardrop.

  • Italian prune plums

    Italian prune plums are small and sweet and have a lower water content than most other plums.

  • jalapeño chiles

    The classic Tex-Mex hot chile and one of the world's best-known.

  • Japanese eggplant

    This long, slender eggplant variety is sweet and rich, with tender skin and soft, creamy flesh.

  • jarred pepperoncini

    Pepperoncini are sweet, moderately spicy peppers.

  • jarred piquillo peppers

    Piquillo peppers are a type of chile traditionally grown in Northern Spain.

  • jarred roasted red peppers

    Jarred roasted red peppers are typically red bell, pimiento, or cherry peppers that have roasted, peeled, and seeded and then preserved in an acidic brine

  • jarred salsa

    Salsa, the Mexican word for sauce, refers to a wide range of condiments.

  • jasmine rice

    Jasmine rice, from Thailand, has long, translucent grains. When cooked, it has a seductive, slightly floral aroma and a soft, clingy texture.

  • wild lime leaves

    Used widely in Southeast Asian cuisine, especially in curries, wild lime leaves give dishes a refreshing, lingering lift that is intensely floral and citrusy.

  • Kalamata olives

    Kalamatas (or Calamatas) are Greek olives named for their geographic region of production; they're great for both eating and cooking.

  • kale

    Kale is like cabbage with an attitude: a little peppery, a little sweet, with a slight mineral edge, perhaps, but none of the metallic quality of spinach.

  • ketchup

    Ketchup, or more specifically tomato ketchup, is a thick, tangy condiment made primarily from tomato concentrate.

  • kirsch

    Kirsch, also known as Kirschwasser, is a clear fruit brandy distilled from cherries.

  • kiwi

    The kiwi is an odd little fruit. It's small, egg-shaped, and covered in a fine layer of soft brown hair. Inside, its flesh is bright green and studded with tiny, black edible seeds.

  • kosher salt

    Kosher salt, so named because it's used in the process of koshering meats, has a larger grain than table salt.

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