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3 Chefs Cook Leg of Lamb 3 Ways

by Kimberly Y. Masibay

fromFine Cooking
Issue 71

Leg of lamb is the classic spring roast. And these days, you can buy leg of lamb in a variety of different cuts—the traditional bone-in version, the boneless rolled and tied leg, and the large flat version sold as butterflied leg of lamb, to name a few. Depending on the cut you choose, there are plenty of different ways to cook it. Curious to know what professional chefs would do with these interesting options, I asked three award-winning chefs—an American, an Italian, and an Australian—to develop a recipe they’d like to serve to family and friends. Each chef’s take was deliciously different. Boston chef Gordon Hamersley bathed a butterflied leg of lamb in a curry marinade and cooked it on the  grill. Umberto Menghi took a classic Tuscan approach, encrusting a whole bone-in leg with dried cherries and herbs and roasting it to juicy perfection. And Australian Luke Mangan rolled a boneless roast around a mint, pine nut, and currant stuffing, served with a zippy red onion jam on the side.

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