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Boning, Stuffing, and Braising Trout

Make a classic mushroom stuffing and turn a delicious braising liquid into a light, buttery herb sauce

by James Peterson

fromFine Cooking
Issue 14

Like a whole roast chicken, a whole cooked fish is bursting with savory juices and deep flavor. James Paterson demonstrates how to make stuffed trout, and takes the opportunity to teach us some classic French cooking techniques: boning a whole fish; making a court bouillon; making a duxelles (a mixture of mushrooms and shallots); and mounting a sauce with butter. The finished dish is trout surrounded by brightly colored vegetables and bathed in a light butter sauce flavored with basil and parsley. Featured recipe: Boned Whole Trout with Mushroom Stuffing & Herb-Butter Sauce.

Photos: Ben Fink

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