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Book Review: It’s About Time

by Kimberly Y. Masibay

fromFine Cooking
Issue 72

It’s About Time
by Michael Schlow (Steerforth Press, $35)

Chef Michael Schlow does things his own delicious way. At his three award-winning Boston restaurants, for example, he doesn’t go the high-heat route; instead, he embraces slow cooking: roasting and sautéing meat at very low temperatures. And when you try the recipes for slow-roasted rib-eye steak or roasted chicken with lemon and herbs in Schlow’s new book, not only will you discover the wisdom of his method, you’ll also meet a great chef who has taken a decidedly different approach to writing his first cookbook

Like many big-deal chefs before him, Schlow certainly could have created a paean to his own genius filled with luscious photos and mind-boggling haute cuisine. But he didn’t. Instead, he crafted a thoroughly engaging and useful cookbook that shows home cooks how easy great food can be. Throughout the book, Schlow stresses the importance of planning ahead and using good ingredients. He offers tools and tricks, a boatload of foolproof recipes, funny stories, and inspiring ideas, all of which gently reinforce his key point: that cooking and eating well begins with using time wisely, both when you’re in a hurry and when you’re not.

Photo: Scott Phillips

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