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There’s Something About Rosemary

Unexpected ways to cook with this classic herb

by Allison Ehri Kreitler

fromFine Cooking
Issue 95

Rosemary is a misunderstood herb. Its piny, citrusy flavor is powerful, yes, but the recipes here prove that if you treat rosemary right, it’ll reward you with lots of lively flavor and texture.

My favorite way to harness rosemary’s potency is to infuse liquids with it: For example, rosemary oil is delicious drizzled over grilled meat and vegetables, and a simple syrup flavored with the herb adds a subtle, fragrant note to cocktails.

Mincing rosemary releases its essential oils, making its evergreen flavor more pronounced—a little goes a long way. This is a great technique for bringing big flavor to vinaigrettes, sauces, and rubs.

The herb’s strong woody stems make savory skewers for grilling or broiling, imparting rosemary’s flavor to the skewered foods. You can also throw rosemary branches onto the grill for a similar effect.

Another good technique is to leave the leaves whole and then bake or sauté them; they’ll crisp up and add lots of crunchy texture. Any way you cook it, rosemary rewards with its unique herbal taste.

Photos: Scott Phillips

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