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Desserts from a Pressure Cooker

by Lisa Waddle

fromFine Cooking
Issue 92

When I announced to my dinner guests the other night that the cheesecake I was serving came out of a pressure cooker, I got a few raised eyebrows. But one bite won over all skeptics. The lemon cheesecake I made with this Silicone Dessert Kit from Fagor was remarkably creamy, with a smoother, lighter texture than a similar one made in the oven. Because pressure cookers essentially cook with steam, they  excel at keeping desserts like flans, custards, and bread puddings moist and creamy. I can’t wait to try it with other desserts that usually call for a water bath, such as pudding cakes. The kit includes an 8-inch round silicone dish with a lid and four individual cups, as well as a stainless-steel rack, silicone spatula, and recipe book. Cost is $25 at

Photo: Paul Johnson

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