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Flex Your Meals

These hearty main courses will satisfy both vegetarians and meat lovers.

by Ivy Manning

fromFine Cooking
Issue 103

You married a vegetarian, your teenager announces she no longer eats red meat, or your vegan friend is coming to dinner. What are you going to cook to satisfy everyone? The good news is that you don’t have to make two meals or serve bland tofu dogs to the vegetarians.

My strategy is simple: Prepare a vegetarian main dish that’s delicious on its own, set some aside for the non-meat-eater, and then add meat or seafood to the rest of the meal. Dinner’s on the table fast, and everyone gets to enjoy the same supper without your having to do double duty in the kitchen.

The Strategy

Feed both the meat lovers and the vegetarian at your table with this easy three-step strategy:

1. Start by making a flavorful meatless main.
2. Set some aside for the vegetarian.
3. Add meat or seafood to the rest of the dish and serve.

The Recipes

Photos: Scott Phillips


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