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You'll Flip for This Waffle Maker

The Waring Pro Belgian Waffle Maker ($79.95 at turns out light, crisp waffles. Other manufacturers are making this style waffle maker, too.

by Maryellen Driscoll

fromFine Cooking
Issue 75

If you really want to wow your breakfast companions, a flip waffle maker is the way to go. It’s an attention grabber, and more importantly, it turns out delicious deep-pocketed Belgian-style waffles.

Flip wafflers work simply: Heat the iron, pour in the batter, shut the lid, and rotate the griddle 180 degrees. When the waffle is done (an alarm will sound), flip the griddle back to its original position and open the lid.

So what does “the flip” accomplish? Manufacturers say it ensures even browning. And with the three models we tested, the waffles did brown evenly.

But we noticed another, more striking advantage: The waffles had an airy, almost lacy middle that was much more appealing than the bready texture of most Belgian waffles. A flip waffler may not store as compactly as a classic waffle maker, but, if you have one, you just might want to keep it on display.

Photo: Scott Phillips

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