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Fowl Play

Who said turkey always has to be roasted whole? Instead, buy it in parts—breast, thighs, and drumsticks—and try these delicious new ways to cook the familiar bird.

by Bruce Aidells

fromFine Cooking
Issue 107

Sometimes the parts are better than the whole. Take turkey. It’s not that a perfectly roasted bird isn’t delicious, but when you look beyond the expected, fall’s favorite fowl becomes an even more exciting and versatile proposition. Broken down into thighs, drumsticks, and breast, each of these cuts—which are all easily found in grocery stores—can be prepared in clever new ways. Here, the thigh is stuffed with sausage and porcini, the breast is rubbed with an herb paste and topped with pancetta, and the drumstick meat is pulled off the bone and added to a spicy mole sauce. The big bird had better watch its back this year.

Photos: Scott Phillips

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