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Fresh Fruit Sorbet

by Amy Albert

fromFine Cooking
Issue 66

The remarkable Multi-Melon sorbet that Ron Siron and Carrie Gustafson make at Sonny’s Ice Cream in Minneapolis, Minnesota, went through many trials before it came out just right. Sticklers for flavor and obsessed with purity, the couple make their sorbets and ice creams in tiny five-gallon lots—puréeing ingredients by hand, test-tasting constantly—and they insist on organic produce that’s local whenever possible. When milk is used, it’s only that from a small, organic, family dairy in western Minnesota. “‘Know your sources and buy local’ is becoming our mantra,” says Ron. Though he and Carrie thrive on perfecting inventive flavors like cucumber-mint and cherry-Zinfandel, classics like chocolate and raspberry get their exacting attention as well.  

The two seem fated to meet and make great ice cream. While Ron learned the craft from his father, Sonny (who still works with them every day), Carrie, meanwhile, had set off for Italy to learn to make gelato. She met Ron upon her return, and the two couldn’t stop talking about food, flavor, and ice cream. (It also turns out they have the same birthday). “From there,” they agree, “it was destiny.”

Sonny’s Gelatos are handmade, so their distribution is limited. They are sold at Crema Cafe in Minne­apolis (612-822-8189), as well as at natural-foods and specialty groceries in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. They are also available at some Whole Foods stores in the Chicago area.

  • Prepping.
  • Puréeing.
  • Tasting.
  • Scooping.

Photos: Amy Albert

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