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Rich, Fudgy Brownies Get Even Better

by Nicole Rees

fromFine Cooking
Issue 79

I’ve been a professional baker for more than ten years, and what’s the dessert I make at home—over and over? I admit it: brownies. Unsophisticated, yes, but for a serious chocolate fix, few things satisfy like a bite into a soft, chewy, densely chocolatey brownie. I’m sure you know that there are two kinds of brownies: the fudgy kind and the cakey kind. But let’s be honest: Have you ever met a “cakey” person? I haven’t. I’m willing to bet that everyone’s favorite brownies are moist, fudgy, packed with intense chocolate flavor, and not too sweet. Just like these.

Add a port-ganache topping, and this simply delicious brownie turns decadent.

The basic brownie is a breeze to whip up. You can easily mix the batter by hand, and you don’t have to melt any chocolate. A good dose of natural cocoa powder gives these brownies a deep, complex chocolate flavor. But with just a teensy bit more effort, you can also turn this indulgent afternoon snack into something a little more grown-up. Just add dried cherries or cranberries to the batter and top the brownies with a rich, port-infused ganache to serve them for dessert. I assure you that your guests will be at your feet, begging for more, and for the recipe as well.

Photos: Scott Phillips

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