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Effortless onion rings

by Dabney Gough

fromFine Cooking
Issue 93

Slicing an onion into rings—how hard can it be? Well, if you’re going for rings of even thickness, it can be a little challenging. A whole, round onion doesn’t have a stable base, so it shifts under the force of your knife, making it hard to cut straight. The bigger the onion, the more unwieldy it is. These tricks make it easier to cut nice, uniform slices:

  • Minimize wobbling by slicing a bit off the onion’s side. This isn’t ideal if you need all of the rings to stay whole, but if it doesn’t matter (or if you’re going to skewer them anyway), it helps to stabilize the onion as you slice.
  • Try a toothpick to mark guide points. Use a ruler to measure your desired thickness and prick the onion with a toothpick at that point several times all the way around the onion. When you slice through, “connect the dots” with your knife.
  • Use a mandoline if you have one. It’s the easiest way to make rings that are exactly the same thickness. Watch our video demonstration to learn how to safely use your mandoline.  

Photo: Scott Phillips

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