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Making Stuffed Pasta

A step-by-step guide to preparing regional Italian dishes

by Daniel Rosati

fromFine Cooking
Issue 01

Italy's culinary diversity comes alive in Daniel C. Rosati's article on traditional, regional stuffed pastas and how to make them. Instructions cover the basics for those who've always wanted to try making their own pasta. If you're experienced at it, Rosati's selections of pansoti, cappelletti, and culingiones offer interesting and delicious options off the beaten track. He explains how to make your own fresh pasta, shows the art of shaping them, and includes sauces to enhance each dish. He thoroughly details each step, whether kneading the dough by hand or machine, and he shows how to assemble each type of pasta. A nice touch - he translates their names and explains how each shape is unique to its region. Resource information is included.

Photos: Ruth Lively & Jon Brown.  Illustrations: Mike Wanke

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