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Nougat Glacé—Cold, Creamy, and Easier than Ice Cream

A mix of meringue, whipped cream, fruit, and nuts makes an irresistible dessert

by Roland Passot

fromFine Cooking
Issue 15

First, what is nougat glacé?  It’s a creamy, frozen dessert from Provence--a mix of Italian meringue, whipped cream, fruit, and caramelized nuts. Its flavors are traditional ones: fruit, nuts, and honey. Nougat glacé is so called because it is frozen (glacé means ‘iced’) and because it contains nuts and honey, which are also found in nougat--a chewy candy that is a favorite in Provence. The honey in nougat glacé--traditionally lavender honey--is cooked in the sugar syrup that makes the meringue. The nuts are made into nougatine, a hard, candylike mix of nuts and caramelized sugar that is crushed and added to the dessert for a toasted flavor and crunchy texture. The fruits mixed into nougat glacé can be dried, candied, or a mix; fresh fruit would make the dessert runny. Featured recipes: Nougat Glacé; and Raspberry Coulis.

Photos: Brian Hagiwara, Sloan Howard & Joanne McAllister Smart.

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