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Pie Irons

by Kimberly Y. Masibay

fromFine Cooking
Issue 80

Toasted cheese sandwiches are always great, but they’re extra special when you make them over a campfire—and a pie iron is the right tool for the job. No mere campfire-cooking gimmick, these hinged cast-iron cookers actually turn out terrific sandwiches. To use a pie iron, simply lay a slice of buttered bread, butter side down, on one half of the iron. Add savory or sweet fillings—cheese, cured meats, jam, fruit, chocolate, etc.—top with a second slice of buttered bread, butter side up. Close the iron and cook for a couple minutes over a hot fire.

The models shown here are manufactured by Rome Industries, which makes pie irons in several other shapes as well.

Round jaffle iron
($19.95 at

This model crimps the bread and seals the fillings inside a crisp, buttery toast pocket. White sandwich bread is ideal for round jaffles, but feel free to experiment with other kinds. You can also cook cornbread batter or biscuit dough in the pie iron.

Panini iron
($29.95 at

This design doesn’t crimp the bread in classic jaffle fashion; instead, it compresses the sandwich as it toasts. For panini, artisan bread works best.

  • Round jaffle iron.
  • Panini iron.

Photos: Scott Phillips

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