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Not your ordinary chicken dinner

by Adam Ried

fromFine Cooking
Issue 92

When it comes to a quick, flavorful dinner, I’m a fan of boneless, skinless chicken cuts, which are not only speedier to cook than their bone-in counterparts but also well suited to many cooking methods. While chicken breasts are fine—and always popular—there are a few other cuts from the poultry aisle that I think are worth buying.

For example, ever wonder what to do with those thin chicken “cutlets” you see at the store? I like to cook them simply and serve them with a delicate fresh herb salad. But they’re also great in a savory chicken sauté, like the one here that’s made with sherry, olives, and almonds. What about boneless, skinless chicken thighs? The rich dark meat stands up well to intense flavors, so I braise it in a savory Vietnamese caramel sauce or use it in boldly flavored fajitas with cumin, red pepper, and lime.

And finally, if you don’t usually cook with chicken tenders, you might be surprised at how versatile they are. Here, you’ll find them three ways: in a Greek-style salad, with spicy sesame noodles, and in a twist on Buffalo wings that cooks in less time than it takes to heat the broiler.

Photos: Scott Phillips


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