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Safety Tips for Gas Grillers

Stay safe during grilling season with these ten tips.

by Jennifer Armentrout

fromFine Cooking
Issue 72

Gas grills have made it so effortless to fire up the grill that it’s sometimes easy to forget to handle the propane tank with care. To keep the grill action safe and fun this season, here are a few tips from the Propane Education & Research Council:

1. Always follow the grill manufacturer’s instructions on lighting the grill and make sure the grill top is open. If a match or lighter is needed to light the grill, turn the gas on only after the lit match is inserted into the proper  hole.

2. Before lighting a propane gas grill for the first time or after it’s been stored for the winter, use a leak-detection solution to check connections for tightness (check your owner’s manual for details). Don’t use matches or lighters to check for leaks.

3. If you suspect a gas leak, call the fire department immediately.

4. Never pour an accelerant such as lighter fluid or gasoline on the grill.

5. Don’t allow children to play with the cylinder or the grill.

6. Don’t smoke while handling a propane cylinder.

7. When the cylinder is refilled, have the supplier check for dents, damage, rust, and  leaks.

8. After filling or exchanging a cylinder, take it home immediately. Keep the vehicle ventilated and the cylinder valve closed and  capped.

9. Always use or store cylinders outdoors in an upright (vertical) position. Don’t use, store, or transport cylinders near high temperatures (this includes storing spare cylinders near the  grill).

10. When not in use, grill burner controls should be turned off and the cylinder valve closed.

Photo: Scott Phillips

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