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A Spring Buffet: Fresh, Light Food for a Big Crowd

A caterer shows how to juggle lots of dishes and lots of guests by choosing a balanced menu and keeping a cool head

by Paula LeDuc

fromFine Cooking
Issue 14

What better way is there to celebrate the coming of warmer weather (and pay back all those holiday invitations) than to have a spring buffet? By carefully planning every detail, you can have a party for twenty people that features delicious and inventive food, beautifully presented, without having a nervous breakdown. The dishes served at this buffet must be “light and spring-like,” “casual and fun,” “intriguing and beautiful,” and “easy to eat.”  Above all, the menu must be realistic--one you actually can prepare in the time allowed. Recipes include: Peppered Shrimp; Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rolls; Hoisin Beef & Scallion Rolls; Tri-Color Polenta Cups; Chicken Tostada Pequeña; and Crabmeat-Avocado Quesadillas.

Photos: Deborah Jones

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