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Two Cool Tools for Pie Lovers

by Kimberly Y. Masibay

fromFine Cooking
Issue 81

Dough will never stick again

If there’s one little thing you can do to improve your relationship with pie dough, it’s this: Get a pastry cloth and rolling pin cover. We’ve tried all the tricks that are supposed to make rolling out pie dough easier—from waxed paper to silicone mats to ice-filled rolling pins and pastry boards—and none can beat the simplicity, economy, and effectiveness of this old-fashioned duo. (Many thanks to author Carole Walter,  who introduced us to this amazing tool in her recipe for Classic Apple Pie.)

To use, just rub flour into the canvas cloth and the stretchy rolling pin sleeve and you’re ready to go. The fabric absorbs excess flour and prevents dough from sticking. You can buy a pastry cloth and rolling pin cover for $4.95 at

Red-clay pie plate

I’ve used earthenware pie plates before, but this handthrown red-clay plate takes the cake (or should I say pie?). I love its smooth unglazed surface, its clean lines, and its extra depth. I also love how every pie I bake in it—even the juiciest of fruit pies—develops a gorgeously browned, crisp bottom crust. Missouri-based potter Tom Hess crafts the deep-dish plates one at a time, and they’re available for $30 each, plus shipping, at

Photo: Scott Phillips

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