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Food Science

Food Science
  • Lifting a Choux

    Pâte à choux is useful in many culinary circumstances, and it's relatively easy to make. Still, sometimes things go wrong for no apparent reason. Let's see some of the pitfalls of this dish and how to fix them.

  • Tomato Sauce. . .Or Soup?

    Why does what should be a tasty tomato sauce turn into something closer to soup?

  • What does it mean to win?

    Sometimes it's not enough to make great food. Sometimes you have to judge food formally. And sometimes you have to make up the rules by which things are judged. A look inside the process of making competition rules.

  • Too Hot for Hollandaise

    How temperature, ingredients, and technique interact in distinguishing a hollandaise from a mess of scrambled eggs, butter, and lemon.

  • Mystery Tools from Another Land

    Getting a box of assorted kitchen implements will give you a mixed bag of tools at the best of times. But what if the set is from a company that is not only exclusively kitchen-related, but is also based out of a foreign country?

  • Splitting the Egg

    Exploring the division of the indivisible: a single egg.

  • Ingredient Temperatures

    Think it doesn’t matter if your butter and eggs are room temperature or right out of the fridge? Think again.

  • Dried Egg Pasta: Hidden Danger or Perfectly Safe?

    When someone at home makes some fresh pasta, it's generally made with egg. Why is this okay to dry and store?

  • The Flavor Difference: Cooked vs. Raw

    Why does a cooked hamburger taste different from a raw hamburger?

  • Cheesecake or Cheesepie?

    It's shaped like a cake, and it's called a cake, but cheesecake might be something even more delicious.

  • The Problem with Science

    A rhetorical question from the web leads to thinking about the good and the bad of food science.

  • Egg sizes and substitutions

    How can we merge the world of farmer's markets and precision recipes to ensure that we use the proper amount of farm-fresh, un-graded eggs in our baked goods?

  • Talk the Wok

    Wok: Just a big frying pan, or something more?

  • The Best Scrambled Eggs

    It is often said that the true test of a chef is how well they cook eggs. The Food Geek is not a chef, but he does have some advice on scrambling eggs.

  • Double or Nothing Jam

    Why does the label on the pectin box warn against making a double-batch of jam, and is there anything that can be done to remedy the situation?

  • Proper use of basil as a stuffing

    Basil is the King of Herbs, and it's the right time to use it in foods. This week, we explore what it goes well with, and how to maximize its flavor.

  • Keeping Fresh Greens Fresh

    The science of cell structure helps explain why good lettuce goes bad.

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