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Food Science

Food Science
  • Reducing Complexity
    Reducing Complexity

    Some of the most basic advice in cooking can be an opportunity to learn about important fundamentals. In examining the basic reduction sauce, we can also learn how temperature control is vital to cooking well. On the way, we can answer the question, "what is temperature?"

  • The Party That Is Egg Foam
    The Party That Is Egg Foam

    As with a party, the success of an egg foam relies on getting all of the guests to mingle properly. In this follow up to last week's article, we explore how to keep water, proteins, and air mixing it up to ensure your foam is stable.

  • Whipped Cream: Stability and Celebrity
    Whipped Cream: Stability and Celebrity

    Whipped cream is an ephemeral treat that, sometimes, needs to be a little more treat and a little less ephemeral. What can we do to overcome the time limits on whipped cream, and what makes whipped cream so famous, anyways?

  • Sous Vide or Bust

    Some cooking methods require merely a knife, a bit of fire, and a little know-how. Sous vide cooking typically asks for some specialized equipment. Is it all necessary?

  • The Buttercream Nemesis

    What, precisely, is buttercream frosting, why is it hard to make, and is there something that can be done to make it more easily?

  • Vegetable stock? Really?

    Just what is the difference between stock and broth, and is it really possible to have a vegetable stock?

  • Toffee Troubles

    What sorts of things can go wrong with toffee making? Will humidity doom a toffee to failure, or could there be something more sinister at work?

  • Pasta

    The average American eats 20 pounds of pasta a year, but are we cooking it correctly?

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