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  • Jersey Ketchup
    Jersey Ketchup

    Known for its great Jersey tomatoes, the Garden State now boasts ketchup, too.

  • Cool Cooler
    Cool Cooler

    The gel-lined PackIt Social Cooler folds into a compact shape for storage in the freezer until you’re beach- or picnic-ready.

  • Leakproof Springforms
    Leakproof Springforms

    A new take on the springform cake pan, the PushPan from Kuhn Rikon is uniquely designed to prevent leaks.

  • Top-Notch Tap Water

    This vintage-looking, BPA-free bottle makes tap water taste better.

  • Handcrafted Cutting Board

    Made from larch, a durable, antimicrobial wood that was once used for boat building, this cutting board will last a lifetime.

  • Contemporary Composter

    Many countertop scrap bins look like mini trash cans, but the 3-quart EcoCrock is a more stylish container for collecting compostable food waste.

  • Tropical Vinegar

    This unusual banana vinegar from Veracruz, Mexico, is tart, with a delicate sweetness, subtle caramel notes, and a nuanced banana flavor.

  • Under Cover Blade Guards

    These colorful blade guards are a simple solution for storing and transporting knives of all sizes.

  • Spring Tonic: Rhuby

    Based on an 18th-century recipe for rhubarb tea, Rhuby is a sweetly aromatic spirit with a slightly tart kick and delicious floral notes.

  • Brown Rice = Better Risotto

    For risotto with a deliciously nutty, slightly chewy texture, we love Integrale organic brown rice.

  • A Freestyle Fruit Basket

    Inspired by the rings that form when a rain drop hits water, the Fruity fruit basket from Normann Copenhagen has a simple, open design that allows plenty of air to circulate around fruit.

  • Wine Glass 101

    With the new Key to Wine set from Riedel, oenophiles can experience how the shape, size, and rim diameter of a glass impacts their favorite wines.

  • Cheese: Emerald Isle Blue

    Handmade in Ireland’s County Tipperary, Kerrygold Cashel Blue is a crumbly, semi-soft cheese.

  • High Tea

    We can’t get enough of the full-flavored, wildly fragrant, and beautifully packaged organic teas from Bellocq.

  • Gluten-Free Flour from The French Laundry

    C4C flour is a gluten-free blend that includes rice and tapioca flours, potato starch, and cornstarch.

  • Super Sprouts

    The California company truRoots soaks its organic grains until they sprout which makes them more nutritious.

  • A Spoon Roost

    Add a touch of whimsy to any kitchen with this porcelain spoon rest.

  • An iPad Holder for Cooks

    We love cooking from our iPad, not cleaning it, which makes this kitchen cabinet iPad mount a must-have.

  • Stir Things Up

    These offbeat spatulas have a colorful silicone coating, so they’re heat resistant and perfect for nonstick surfaces.

  • Basic to Brilliant, Y'all

    The genius of Atlanta-based cookbook author Virginia Willis lies in her ability to weave together the distinct culinary worlds of France and the American South.

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