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  • Cutting Cornbread in Half Evenly
    Cutting Cornbread in Half Evenly

    For a more exact split of cornbread, cut the square from corner to corner.

  • Sizing up Cast-Iron Pans
    Sizing up Cast-Iron Pans

    Ever wonder what that number on the handle of your cast-iron skillet means? It’s not, as you might think, the size of the pan.

  • Pasta Reminder
    Pasta Reminder

    A visual cue to scoop out and reserve some of the pasta cooking water before you drain it.

  • How to Keep your Tahini Together

    Pete Evans, the host of our TV show, Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking, loves the Middle Eastern sesame paste called tahini. (You'll find some in the dressing for his Herb Salad with Pistachios and...

  • Skinning Hazelnuts

    Fortunately, hazelnut skins-or most of them, anyway-are easy to remove once the nuts are toasted.

  • What's New in Cranberries

    Paradise Meadows has made cooking with cranberries more convenient and tastier with two new products: their Cooking & Baking Cranberries and their Whole Jumbo Cranberries.

  • A Pie Crust Worthy of a Cover

    This simple technique gave a sparkly, festive look to the sweet potato pie on the cover of Fine Cooking Magazine

  • A Sieve Takes the Cake

    Bundt cakes like the Sweet Potato Pound Cake look pretty with a dusting of confectioners' sugar. For a nice, even coating over a large area, use a medium sieve, not a small one. Put a little sugar in...

  • Freeze Chipotle Puree for Future Yummy Uses

    The adobo butter used on our grilled skirt steak gets its spicy-savory flavor from puréed canned chipotles. You'll end up making more purée than you need for the recipe, but it will keep for weeks...

  • Don't Chuck those Egg Whites

    Don’t just throw extra egg whites out. Covered and refrigerated, they will last up to four days.

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