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  • Stop Oiling Hot Grill Grates

    “Oil the food, not the grate” is a barbecue motto that I live by.

  • Freeze Your Chiles

    If you have a large crop of chiles this summer, you don’t need to race to use them up.

  • The Tough Truth About Chewy Chicken

    If you’ve ever cooked a chicken breast and had it turn out tough and chewy, it might not have been your fault.

  • A Cool Cut for Carrots

    In the photo for the Parisian Bowl, the carrots are cut into bite-size triangular chunks. The shape is similar to what's known in restaurant kitchens as a roll cut, which is made by holding the knife...

  • Pitmaster BBQ Sauce

    When we asked barbecue expert Elizabeth Karmel to name her favorite store-bought barbecue sauces, we were a little surprised that one of her picks was a mass-market brand.

  • A Quick Way to Coat

    Applying an herb or spice rub to meat is easy enough to do right on your cutting board.

  • A Good Machine for Spiralizing

    Faux noodles are popular for those on gluten-free diets and are just a fun way to eat your veggies.

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