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Test Kitchen
  • The Great Muffin Pan Experiment
    The Great Muffin Pan Experiment

    We give several pans a spin to find out which makes the perfect muffin.

  • Whats Your Guilty-Pleasure Food?
    What's Your Guilty-Pleasure Food?

    The Fine Cooking staff admits to all sorts of food secrets. . .and not the how-to, technique kind. We’re telling you what we eat when nobody’s looking (and even when a few people are). Just don’t tell our moms.

  • Video: How to Grill Corn on the Cob
    Video: How to Grill Corn on the Cob

    Test Kitchen Contributor Nicki Sizemore demonstrates how to grill corn on the cob so that it's tender and sweet with just the right amount of char.

  • Concentrated Flavor (in a Tube)

    A "Squirt and Taste" test has the Test Kitchen wondering: Do you ever use concentrated pastes in your recipes?

  • Food Mill: Buy or Don't Buy?

    A food mill is one of those tools you may not use very often, but you’ll be glad to have one when you need it. Making apple sauce (or butter), mashed potatoes, and separating seeds and skins from tomatoes are three main uses for a food mill.

  • How to Cut Carrots for Even Cooking

    Carrots need to be cut in consistent widths to cook evenly. Here's how to do it.

  • Recycled Kitchen Tools

    Eco-friendly materials are big in the cookware market right now, and one of our favorite green lines is Lamson & Goodnow’s GoodNow recycled cooking tools.

  • Got Rabbit?

    We're thinking about featuring a few rabbit recipes in a future issue, but we need your feedback first.

  • Play It Again Pancakes: What Do You Do with Leftovers?

    After another busy day in the test kitchen I’m left with a mountain of dirty bowls in my sink and an even larger mountain of uneaten golden, fluffy, delicious pancakes. Question is: What to do with them?

  • Zucchini Blossoms

    What do you do with these bright orange blossoms?

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