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  • The Food Lovers Christmas Wish List

    Fine Cooking editors publish their Christmas wish lists and cross their fingers they're on Santa's "nice" list. What foodie gifts are you giving or receiving this year?

  • The Chocolate Show Report

    At this year's Chocolate Show in NYC, it was all chocolate all the time. . .and that was fine with us. We're reporting back on some interesting finds.

  • Cooking on the Cheap

    Wanted: Recipes including lots and lots of carrots. Can you tell I hit the big box store this weekend?

  • How to Cook with Duck and Goose Fat

    A nice little bonus came out of testing the recipes for roasted duck and goose: lots of rendered duck and goose fat.

  • How to Toast Dry Chiles and Spices

    Fine Cooking contributor Daniel Hoyer recommends this method of toasting dry chiles and spices when making tamales.

  • The Test Kitchen's Tips for How to Bake a Great Cake Every Time

    Whether you’re making one of the cakes from our Cake Fancy article or another favorite recipe, there are several steps you can take to guarantee the best results.

  • Kitchen Torch

    If you don’t have a mini blowtorch, put it on your Christmas wish list—at $25 to $35, it’s an inexpensive addition to your kitchen arsenal, and once you own one, you’ll find all sorts of excuses to fire it up.

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