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  • How to Bone Turkey Breast and Thighs
    How to Bone Turkey Breast and Thighs

    Turkey thighs and whole turkey breasts are most often sold bone-in and skin-on, so you'll need a boning knife and a little know-how to prepare these cuts for recipes.

  • How to Make Gravy for a Brined Turkey
    How to Make Gravy for a Brined Turkey

    Pan juices are usually the backbone of turkey gravy, but gravy made only with the juices from a brined bird is bound to come out too salty. Fortunately, there’s a solution to this problem.

  • Salt Your Salad
    Salt Your Salad

    A pinch or two of kosher salt does wonders for the flavor of a tossed salad.

  • The Swing-A-Way Fat Separator

    Amco's spoutless fat separator solves the problem traditional spouted fat separators have.

  • Trimming Hanger Steak

    A whole hanger steak is vaguely heart-shaped, with the two halves connected by a line of gristle, which should be removed. You can ask the butcher to do this, or trim it yourself. Here's how.

  • How to Use Up Leftover Buttermilk

    For everyone who has ever thrown out a half-full carton of soured buttermilk, we feel your pain. Try these simple ways to use of the rest of that carton.

  • How to Cut a Whole Chicken Into Pieces

    Our Classic Fried Chicken recipe is a great excuse to learn how to cut a whole chicken into pieces, a skill you’ll use over and over.

  • Discover Za'atar: A Middle Eastern Herb and Spice Blend

    Za'atar is both a Middle Eastern herb and a spice blend. We're sharing one tasty summer recipe and six additional ways to use this nutty spice blend.

  • Equipment: Tomato Press

    To make tomato purée, you’ll need a tool to strain and separate the tomato pulp from the skins and seeds. A food mill does this well enough, but we especially love this tomato press.

  • Flambéing safely

    A fire in the kitchen is usually bad news, but in this issue we’re starting a couple of fires on purpose. The Bananas Foster and the Fireman’s Sausage are both ignited. If you’re new to flambéing, here are tips for pulling it off safely.

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