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Test Kitchen
  • Kitchen Torch

    If you don’t have a mini blowtorch, put it on your Christmas wish list—at $25 to $35, it’s an inexpensive addition to your kitchen arsenal, and once you own one, you’ll find all sorts of excuses to fire it up.

  • How to Core a Parsnip

    Running down the center of a parsnip is a tough woody core that should be removed before cooking. I'll show you how.

  • How to Make a Lemon Twist

    A lemon twist is more than just a pretty cocktail garnish; the aromatic oils in the lemon peel add flavor to the drink, too.

  • How to Make a Salt Crust for a Roast

    Learn an unusual but simple technique for keeping a beef rib roast juicy during roasting.

  • For the Love of Absolutely Chocolate

    If you could only make one thing from Absolutely Chocolate (the lastest cookbook from the editors of Fine Cooking) what would it be?

  • The Great Muffin Pan Experiment

    We give several pans a spin to find out which makes the perfect muffin.

  • What's Your Guilty-Pleasure Food?

    The Fine Cooking staff admits to all sorts of food secrets. . .and not the how-to, technique kind. We’re telling you what we eat when nobody’s looking (and even when a few people are). Just don’t tell our moms.

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