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  • How to Press Tofu
    How to Press Tofu

    Authentic Pad Thai calls for pressed tofu because it is firm and doesn’t break up during stir-frying. Here's how to press your own tofu if you can't find it in an Asian market.

  • How to Remove Pin Bones from a Salmon Fillet
    How to Remove Pin Bones from a Salmon Fillet

    Before cooking a salmon fillet, it’s always a good idea to check it for pin bones. Here's an easy way to find and remove them.

  • How to Rinse Rice
    How to Rinse Rice

    Our recipe for Salmon, Lentil, and Rice Kedgeree in Fine Cooking #111 calls for rinsing the rice before cooking. This step removes some of the starch from the surface of the rice grains so they...

  • Use a Parchment Collar to Mold Tall Layer Cakes

    Christina Tosi’s towering Strawberries and Corn-Cream Layer Cake with White Chocolate Cap’n Crunch Crumbs, in Fine Cooking #111, requires a tall mold for assembling the cake. In her...

  • How to Slice Chicken Cutlets from Chicken Breasts

    Chicken breast cutlets are a boon for weeknights because they cook so quickly—about 5 minutes in a skillet and they’re done. Cutlets from the grocery store are often unevenly sized, so we...

  • How to Season a Wok

    Did you know that you're seasoning your wok every time you stir fry aromatics like garlic, ginger, and scallions? In this post, I'll explain how you can maintain your wok's patina.

  • Grilling with Wood Planks

    Grilling food, especially seafood, on untreated cedar planks is an easy way to infuse the food with a wonderful, light wood-smoke flavor

  • How to Use Your Bottle of Salsa Lizano

    Found in nearly every Costa Rican home, restaurant, and roadside food stand, Salsa Lizano is a smooth, light brown vegetable-based sauce with a touch of sweetness and a hearty punch of spice...

  • How to Peel Asparagus

    Peeling asparagus can be frustrating, here is an easier way to do it.

  • How to Cut Steak Across the Grain

    Slicing the steak across the grain makes the steak seem tenderer because it shortens the length of the fibers, so chewing is easier.

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