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  • Chip Off the Old Block
    Chip Off the Old Block

    If you often make recipes that call for a lot of chopped chocolate a chocolate chipper works great.

  • Decorative Sugars
    Decorative Sugars

    When you’re looking to add some shine to a baked good, reach for a coarse-style sugar like demerara, sanding, or sparkling sugar.

  • What does it mean when chocolate seizes?
    What does it mean when chocolate seizes?

    Somewhere in the process, you have inadvertently introduced just a small amount of water to your chocolate, and now you have a thick, grainy paste.

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    Broiler Adjustments

    If a recipe calls for heating the broiler on medium and you can’t do that, simply move the oven rack.

  • Goodbye, Nut Dust

    If you only want to show off pristine nut pieces, try this tip.

  • It's More than Hot, Hot, Hot

    Not all hot sauces taste the same. While they all have heat in common, that level of heat can vary.

  • A Better Roll with a Straight Edge

    When making slice-and-bake cookies, it’s important to start with a nicely rounded log of cookie dough. Here’s one way to get there.

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    Kitchen English

    Here are some other differences between British and American cooking (or should I say cookery?) terms.

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