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  • Toast: The Cookbook
    Toast: The Cookbook

    Two of our favorite contributors have just published first-time solo cookbooks.In Toast, everything is served on-you guessed it. The 50 recipes, categorized by season, include appetizers, main...

  • How to Get Pizza Off the Peel
    How to Get Pizza Off the Peel

    Baking a pizza on a pizza stone is a great way to get that crispy, crackly crust everyone loves, but transferring that pizza dough from a peel onto the stone can be tricky. We'll show you a mess-free way how to do it.

  • Pasta by Hand: A Collection of Italys Regional Hand-Shaped Pasta
    Pasta by Hand: A Collection of Italy's Regional Hand-Shaped Pasta

    Warning: Don't open this book when hungry. The rustic, hand-shaped pastas photographed by Ed Anderson are so tempting that you'll want to eat them right off the page.

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