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Global Grilling

Let your grill take you on a world-wide tour this summer

  • Virtually every world cuisine has some tradition of cooking over an open fire, and what better time than summer to try these far-flung ideas? To that end, we’ve gathered together recipes, ingredients and tools inspired by global flavors. To start, we have an assortment  of grilled, skewered meats, from lamb to chicken to beef. It doesn't matter if they're called kebabs, brochettes, satay, or yakitori; they're all delicious. (And all can benefit from these flat bamboo skewers, which keep food from spinning when you turn it on the grill.)

    One versatile cut for grilling is flank steak: just by changing the spice rub and condiments, it takes on any number of flavor profiles, from a Middle-Eastern style with a silky eggplant compote to a chipotle-butter-topped Latin American version. Or if you'd rather devote a whole meal to one cuisine, try our Tuscan grilling menu, in which everything from the bruschetta to the spinach and radicchio salad to the fresh fig dessert  are prepared on the grill.

    We've also found great tools from global traditions that can be happily borrowed for any type of grilling—like the Big Green Egg, a ceramic charcoal oven based on a Japanese earthenware cooker. It keeps meat moist and juicy, but with a smoky flavor—perfect for Tandoori Chicken.

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