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Rustic Fruit Tart Recipe: Create Your Own

Personalize these freeform tarts with your favorite flavorings and ripe, in-season fruit

by Joanne Chang

from Fine Cooking
Issue 73

A rustic fruit tart, or galette, is one of the easiest pastries you can make—perfect for the laid-back days of summer, when you want to take perfectly ripe fruit to a higher plane. The dough is a breeze to make, from basic pantry staples, and the freeform shape of the tart means that you don't have to search for special baking equipment. Plus, when you choose ripe seasonal fruit, it needs only to be tossed with a little sugar and flour to become an irresistible filling.

This interactive tool makes it easy to build a fruit tart for every mood and occasion: just choose whatever fruit is spilling over at the farmer's market, and pair it with our simple crust, one or two flavorings, and a sugar topping. You may even want to make a few batches of dough in advance (they freeze well; just thaw overnight in the fridge) so that your next tart is always as close as your next trip to the market.

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