Copyright (c) 2015 en-us - Gallery category posts - Gallery category posts Sun, 01 Feb 2015 08:37:36 -0500 - Gallery category posts - Gallery category posts <![CDATA[Roast Beef & Vegetable Soup: Using Pot Roast Leftovers]]> Thu, 15 Jan 2015 10:21:57 -0500 Roast Beef & Vegetable Soup: Using Pot Roast Leftovers Posted by JPSavoringToday
This is hearty soup. The kind that when the spoon drops to the bottom of the empty bowl, you are warmed through and satisfied all the way down to your toes. A complete dinner in one bowl, Roast Beef... ]]>
<![CDATA[Peruvian ceviche]]> Wed, 07 Jan 2015 12:44:59 -0500 Peruvian ceviche Posted by deportesyalgomas
This is the famous Peruvian fish ceviche delightful ]]>
<![CDATA[Home-made spaghetti]]> Wed, 31 Dec 2014 17:38:04 -0500 Home-made spaghetti Posted by tutorinlv
I enjoy making home-made spaghetti with ingredients from farmers market.  I also enjoy tutoring my children and being a mentor to them.  If you too are interested in in-home test preparation, I... ]]>
<![CDATA[Perfect Spaghetti Squash in Minutes!]]> Wed, 03 Sep 2014 11:48:42 -0500 Perfect Spaghetti Squash in Minutes! Posted by pazzaglia
Tease long al-dente strands of squash not a shaggy pulp by cooking it with pressure.  It only takes 3 minutes and the result is spectacular!! ]]>
<![CDATA[Easy Peasy Tapioca Pudding]]> Wed, 09 Jul 2014 08:23:26 -0500 Easy Peasy Tapioca Pudding Posted by pazzaglia
Tapioca Pudding without soaking, waiting or stirring - thanks to the pressure cooker! ]]>
<![CDATA[Buttermilk-Cilantro Skirt Steak Tacos]]> Fri, 04 Jul 2014 11:16:34 -0500 Buttermilk-Cilantro Skirt Steak Tacos Posted by JPSavoringToday
This recipe boasts deep flavor without the usual spicy-heat that is customary with tacos. The garlic and green onion are reminiscent of buttermilk ranch dressing, yet hints of fresh cilantro and... ]]>
<![CDATA[Pressure Cooker Soy Milk Technique]]> Tue, 04 Mar 2014 03:49:43 -0500 Pressure Cooker Soy Milk Technique Posted by pazzaglia
Make soy milk in the pressure cooker without using any fancy tools other than the pressure cooker! ]]>
<![CDATA[Shrimp Lo Mein [with gluten-free options]]]> Thu, 06 Feb 2014 12:20:15 -0500 Shrimp Lo Mein [with gluten-free options] Posted by JPSavoringToday
Plump shrimp and crisp-tender vegetables intertwine with noodles and a savory sauce for an easy weeknight one-pot meal. [click on photo or photo caption for the full recipe] ]]>
<![CDATA[Grilled Tofu with Sambal Matah]]> Tue, 24 Dec 2013 03:46:11 -0500 Grilled Tofu with Sambal Matah Posted by atika
Grilled marinated tofu served with Balinese Fresh Sambal ]]>
<![CDATA[Braised Red Cabbage ]]> Mon, 23 Dec 2013 07:36:11 -0500 Braised Red Cabbage Posted by atika
I adapted Jamie Oliver's recipe to make this braised red cabbage with apple and balsamic vinegar ]]>
<![CDATA[Porcini Mushroom and Green Bean Salad]]> Wed, 18 Dec 2013 01:04:16 -0500 Porcini Mushroom and Green Bean Salad Posted by pazzaglia
An unexpected combination turns a boring green bean slad into something exciting. ]]>
<![CDATA[Pressure Cooker Cottage Pie]]> Thu, 05 Dec 2013 14:46:10 -0500 Pressure Cooker Cottage Pie Posted by pazzaglia
We've made this classic dish not just faster, but easier, too - there is very little prep and we pressure cooked the meat and potatoes at the same time! ]]>
<![CDATA[Green Bean & Porcini Casserole]]> Tue, 03 Dec 2013 02:52:26 -0500 Green Bean & Porcini Casserole Posted by pazzaglia
I came up with this recipe and flavor combination on my own - wanting to highlight mushrooms but turn them into a fulll veggie meal.  In fact - this recipe can make EITHER a salad OR a casserole! ]]>
<![CDATA[Roasted Beets with Blackberry-Ginger Balsamic & Feta]]> Sat, 30 Nov 2013 12:46:58 -0500 Roasted Beets with Blackberry-Ginger Balsamic & Feta Posted by JPSavoringToday
The sweet tang of blackberry and bright ginger is a splendid pairing with the roasted beets and a sprinkle of salty feta perks everything up. ]]>
<![CDATA[Tomatoes Greenhouse Building Plan]]> Sun, 03 Nov 2013 19:16:15 -0500 Tomatoes Greenhouse Building Plan Posted by greatgardener
Hello i built a backyard greenhouse to produce my tomatoes and my peppers. Building steps:   ►1: Install ground anchors   ►2: Attach the greenhouse base to anchors   ►3: Install the side... ]]>
<![CDATA[Lunchbox of my child]]> Thu, 24 Oct 2013 09:21:17 -0500 Lunchbox of my child Posted by Kyoko
My son is bring a lunch to highschool,everyday. This is a blog I wrote earlier. ]]>
<![CDATA[Boiled pork with sesame dressing.]]> Thu, 24 Oct 2013 08:38:51 -0500 Boiled pork with sesame dressing. Posted by Kyoko
I use a pressure cooker. Tableware is antique. ]]>
<![CDATA[Linguine in Kale Pesto]]> Wed, 16 Oct 2013 14:13:32 -0500 Linguine in Kale Pesto Posted by mshah
Even if you are not a fan of Kale, you will love this classic adaptation of Linguine pasta in a Kale, walnut and basil pesto. Top it with ahved Parmesan cheese for a gourmet-style weeknight... ]]>
<![CDATA[My Cold Storage Room to preserve my kitchen vegetable]]> Sat, 05 Oct 2013 18:10:07 -0500 My Cold Storage Room to preserve my kitchen vegetable Posted by greatgardener
In 2003, I decided to build myself a cold room in my home basement. The goal was to store garden vegetables, canning and canned beverages. Of course, one of my wishes was to be able to walk in the... ]]>
<![CDATA[PERFECT Pressure Cooker Chicken & Rice]]> Thu, 26 Sep 2013 10:58:44 -0500 PERFECT Pressure Cooker Chicken & Rice Posted by pazzaglia
Pressure Cooker Chicken & Rice dishes tend to have either gummy rice or raw chicken - this method gauntness perfect results for both! ]]>