Copyright (c) 2017 en-us - "Food-geek" tag posts - "Food-geek" tag posts Mon, 24 Apr 2017 18:02:49 -0500 - "Food-geek" tag posts - "Food-geek" tag posts <![CDATA[The Deal with Bread Dough]]> Tue, 11 Dec 2012 15:13:48 -0500 The Deal with Bread Dough Posted by TheFoodGeek
Different types of doughs require different techniques, and sometime familiarity with one dough's method takes you down the wrong path with another type of dough. ]]>
<![CDATA[Cream of the Crop]]> Thu, 01 Nov 2012 13:09:35 -0500 Cream of the Crop Posted by TheFoodGeek
What is Culinary Cream, and is there a good substitute for adding to hot or acidic liquids? ]]>
<![CDATA[How Eggs Provide Lift]]> Fri, 28 Sep 2012 14:37:28 -0500 How Eggs Provide Lift Posted by TheFoodGeek
Adding an egg to a cake mixture will tend to cause the cake to rise more. What is it about eggs that provide lift, even without making a foam? ]]>
<![CDATA[Salt: Pasta and Water]]> Fri, 31 Aug 2012 18:17:40 -0500 Salt: Pasta and Water Posted by TheFoodGeek
We salt our pasta water because our pasta is unsalted, but why is our pasta unsalted? ]]>
<![CDATA[It's Only Mostly Cooked]]> Tue, 31 Jul 2012 08:30:00 -0500 It's Only Mostly Cooked Posted by TheFoodGeek
The techniques of blanching and parboiling seem awfully similar. Are they the same? ]]>
<![CDATA[Saucy Lumps, and How to Avoid Them]]> Fri, 29 Jun 2012 15:14:26 -0500 Saucy Lumps, and How to Avoid Them Posted by TheFoodGeek
Lumps in a sauce are the sign of a cook who isn't your grandmother, and is therefore an inferior cook. Learn to avoid the lumps, and be ready for a better comparison at holiday meals. ]]>
<![CDATA[The Why of the Wooden Spoon]]> Thu, 17 May 2012 08:30:00 -0500 The Why of the Wooden Spoon Posted by TheFoodGeek
Recipes sometimes specify using a wooden spoon. What's wrong with plastic? ]]>
<![CDATA[Slow Cooking Secrets]]> Tue, 03 Apr 2012 07:10:33 -0500 Slow Cooking Secrets Posted by TheFoodGeek
Too often the results of a night of slow cooking are a grey, gooey mess. If you're making oatmeal, that's not so bad, but for most things, it's icky. Here are some tricks to slow cooking success. ]]>
<![CDATA[A New Method for Panna Cotta]]> Mon, 20 Feb 2012 08:19:00 -0500 A New Method for Panna Cotta Posted by TheFoodGeek
A reader runs across a new method for making panna cotta, but it seems vaguely familiar in a different context. ]]>
<![CDATA[Ginger ale, ginger beer]]> Thu, 26 Jan 2012 11:06:34 -0500 Ginger ale, ginger beer Posted by TheFoodGeek
What's the difference between ginger ale and ginger beer, and is there really such a thing as a "ginger beer plant"? ]]>
<![CDATA[Mashed potato textures]]> Thu, 05 Jan 2012 08:30:00 -0500 Mashed potato textures Posted by TheFoodGeek
Potatoes processed with a ricer have a different texture than those processed with a mixer. Why? ]]>
<![CDATA[Cucumber Preservation]]> Thu, 29 Dec 2011 09:33:59 -0500 Cucumber Preservation Posted by TheFoodGeek
Though it's not the best for the environment, there are reasons to wrap cucumbers in plastic. ]]>
<![CDATA[Less Moist: Dehydration at Home]]> Thu, 17 Nov 2011 07:29:08 -0500 Less Moist: Dehydration at Home Posted by TheFoodGeek
Sometimes you get a bounty of tasty food that you want to preserve, but you don't want to take up all that freezer space and you've canned about as much as you're going to can. Do you buy a specialty machine to do that, or are there other options? ]]>
<![CDATA[How Baby Carrots are Made]]> Thu, 10 Nov 2011 06:45:00 -0500 How Baby Carrots are Made Posted by TheFoodGeek
There are no storks, but baby carrots often have to go a ways to get to your home ]]>
<![CDATA[Why is Spicy Food Spicy?]]> Mon, 03 Oct 2011 08:00:00 -0500 Why is Spicy Food Spicy? Posted by TheFoodGeek
Some foods are a little spicy, and some are really, really spicy. What causes the spiciness and why? ]]>
<![CDATA[Steak vs. Hamburger]]> Mon, 26 Sep 2011 08:00:00 -0500 Steak vs. Hamburger Posted by TheFoodGeek
If beef is beef, why is it safe to have a rare steak, but not a rare hamburger? ]]>
<![CDATA[Chef vs. Cook]]> Fri, 09 Sep 2011 08:11:29 -0500 Chef vs. Cook Posted by TheFoodGeek
What is the difference between a chef and a cook? Should you feel bad if you are one and not the other? ]]>
<![CDATA[Under Pressure]]> Fri, 19 Aug 2011 09:17:54 -0500 Under Pressure Posted by TheFoodGeek
Pressure cookers speed up cooking by increasing pressure inside the pot, thus raising the temperature of the food inside. So why are they also affected by high-altitudes? ]]>
<![CDATA[Freezer Burn]]> Fri, 12 Aug 2011 08:31:30 -0500 Freezer Burn Posted by TheFoodGeek
A surprising find in a freezer and why it's safe from dehydration ]]>
<![CDATA[Is "Cheese Food" Either?]]> Wed, 20 Jul 2011 08:45:00 -0500 Is Posted by TheFoodGeek
There are things masquerading as cheese in grocery stores all across America. Are these things cheese, especially the cheese that is named for our country? ]]>