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What's Your Food IQ?

Take the quiz!

Take the quiz!

By SharonAnderson, assistant producer

April 7th, 2009

Can you tell a rib eye from a porterhouse? Do you know what capsaicin is? Could you pick a hubbard squash out of a line up? If you think you've got some foodie cred, test youself with our culinary trivia game!

Post your score (be honest!) in the comments section below and see how you measure up.

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Comments (16)

nuccia writes: 23 out of 31. And I thought I was pretty knowledgeable! Posted: 9:12 pm on December 29th

SharonAnderson writes: ok. all fixed. it really should work in ALL browsers now. thanks for posting your issues so that we could fix them!
Posted: 3:17 pm on April 15th

chefstudent writes: I'm a MAC user and I can't take the quiz, is it being fixed? Posted: 8:59 pm on April 14th

MHSfoodstylist writes: I, too, was thwarted by not being able to scroll down to see all the possible answers. It would have been fun if I could have had a fair shot. Posted: 2:51 am on April 14th

blivot writes: The quiz works fine in Internet Explorer. I can't get it to work in Mozilla. Posted: 12:57 pm on April 13th

gloria67 writes: I couldn't scroll down either, have been trying for a couple of days. Posted: 12:37 pm on April 13th

KMango writes: I tried both Mozilla and Safari as browsers this morning, but the quiz won't load. It won't let me scroll down to hit a start button. Posted: 10:59 am on April 11th

roz writes: Sharon, the quiz is not yet fixed. I can't scroll down or take the quiz. It needs a little more work. Posted: 6:59 am on April 11th

SharonAnderson writes: Hey All,

We've fixed the scrolling problem, it should work now. Posted: 10:24 am on April 9th

electriclady281 writes: HOW did the rest of you even FIND the quiz??????!!!!!!!! Everything I click sends me back to the invitation to take it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted: 1:41 am on April 9th

Belarra writes: I can't even see the first question.Boohoo Posted: 8:22 pm on April 8th

dianabw writes: There was no way to scroll down to see all the possible choices, bummer as it was fun. Hope someone reads the posts and changes the page to make it more accessible. I want to show the quiz to my cooking class. Posted: 8:01 pm on April 8th

ruthf writes: i could not scroll down to see the final question so I'd have to say "thumbs Down" Posted: 2:12 pm on April 8th

LarissaJay writes: 27 out of 31 no lie
Posted: 12:04 am on April 8th

ChrisCasey writes: I may not be able to find my way around a kitchen, but I know an elaborate trick perpetrated by a non brunette when I see one! Posted: 4:15 pm on April 7th

LpAngelRob writes: 18 of 31. Not bad... but I don't think that's passing, either. Posted: 2:41 pm on April 7th

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