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Mini Banana Muffins-- Again!!!

By Pielove, member

April 9th, 2009

The Opportunity: Frozen, slightly oxidized, over-ripe bananas

The Solution: Mini banana muffins!  (Again!!!)

In thinking about the things I throw away, I find that they fall into three categories: 1. Things that are past their prime (ie stale, overripe), 2. Things that I do not ordinarily use (stems, peels), 3. Things in inconvenient quantities (too little or too much to use before it goes bad).  More on Category 2 later; this post covers Categories 1 and 3.  One of our friends did the "Hustle Up the Hancock", a charity run in Chicago and ended up with a LOT of bananas.  The bananas were very ripe by the time I got them, and I peeled and froze a lot of them.  I should have vacuum sealed them in single-recipe portions, but I didn't so they got a little oxidized in the freezer.  Before Harry Chapin broke into a chorus of 30,000 Pounds of Bananas, I had to make muffins.  I made muffins for the mini challenge, I made muffins last weekend, and I made muffins today too!  So that leads me to some strategies for dealing with things that are past their prime, and are in inconvenient quantitites.  First, freeze (and protect from oxygen if possible).  This allows you to "stop time" to meter out large quantities or accumulate several portions of small quantities.  Second, keep track.  Don't forget about that bag of bananas!  Third, go with what works.  Making something out of leftovers is no good if the new creation will itself become waste.  Mini banana muffins are a HUGE hit around here for breakfast, snacks, or even with a smear of frosting for dessert.  So, MORE MUFFINS!!!!

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Pielove writes: Hey legalcat, I agree-- come on peskone, jaclyne, and everyone-- I am looking forward to seeing some of other peoples' ideas.
pie Posted: 8:33 pm on April 12th

legalcat writes: Pie,
Where is everyone???! Are we going to be the primary posters for this Challenge, again??? Keep it up Girl! Posted: 9:33 pm on April 11th

sbreckenridge writes: Funny, I've been making a lot of mini banana muffins lately too--my husband has been on a breakfast-smoothie kick, but he never manages to finish a banana bunch before it turns brown, so into the batter bowl they go. I've also been adding mini chocolate chips and/or cacao nibs for a little hit of chocolate flavor. Posted: 2:30 pm on April 9th

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