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Chilaquiles rojo con huevo de Pascua

By Pielove, member

April 19th, 2009

The "opportunity": Easter eggs!!

The solution: Chilaquiles garnished with egg quarters.

An Easter egg by any other name would still be hanging around in large numbers in my refrigerator more than a week after Easter. Today, after an inspirational reading of Rick Bayless's Mexico One Plate at a Time, I decided that it was time for a change from eggs and toast for breakfast every day. In a great case of leftover serendipity, we had some leftover tortilla chips and salsa rojo from another party. (My local grocery store doesn't carry pizza dough, or fresh rosemary, but you can get great sturdy chips and an amazing store-made salsa rojo). Just a note, this "salsa" is more like a chile sauce, and is nothing like the chunky stuff you might buy in a jar.  Anyway, this morning I thinned out some of the salsa rojo with chicken broth, brought it to a simmer, and dumped in a large handful of chips. I stirred the chips until they were slightly softened, then plated them and garnished with onions and shredded cabbage, plus the eternal Easter egg (which, when renamed huevo de Pascua sounds almost new and exotic.) It came out great-- I usually only get chilaquiles in restaurants, but this was really excellent and easy. Plus, it was about 10 times more spicy than the usual restaurant verision I get! Zoinks! So using store-bought salsa is a great shortcut for chilaquiles-- that is if you can get the good stuff at your market-- the rest of you can just console yourselves with rosemary and pizza dough.

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bohnappetitFC writes: I have been out of touch since the Big Challenge. You all are creating some fasinating dishes! We often comment that some of our tastiest meals are leftover creations. Although I am not ready to commit, I will check on your posts. Posted: 9:46 pm on April 20th

Pielove writes: Hi Sarah, The large full-service store nearest me (about a quarter-mile) serves a Latino and Polish immigrant clientele. No rosemary there, ever, that I have seen. However, there are multiple compensations, such as fresh, warm corn tortillas in stock at most hours of the day. My other store, which is about 3 miles away, has some herbs in small plastic clamshells. I keep a potted rosemary plant on my porch!
pie Posted: 7:52 pm on April 20th

sbreckenridge writes: Wait, no fresh rosemary at your local grocery store? Ever? Posted: 2:14 pm on April 20th

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