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Pita bread

Pita bread

Homemade pita is easy to make.


pitta or pocket bread

what is it?

Pita bread is a round Middle Eastern flat bread that can be made of white or whole-wheat flour. Throughout the Middle East, pitas are served with meals or sliced into wedges and served with dips like baba ghanouj and hummus. Pita bread, unlike tortillas, is yeast-leavened and baked in a very hot oven. The gas created by the yeast in the dough combined with the high oven heat causes the pita to puff, creating a hollow center. When the baked pitas are cut in half they form pockets which can be stuffed with various ingredients.

Greek pita bread, on the other hand, tends not to have pockets—it's meant to be wrapped around foods, not stuffed.

how to choose:

You can buy white or whole wheat pita bread at just about any grocery store, or you can make your own.

how to store:

Well wrapped, pita will keep for 3 days in the refrigerator or 6 months in the freezer. Reheat in a warm oven to soften before serving.

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