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Lemony artichoke hummus

By Pielove, member

April 28th, 2009

Sometimes leftovers require a complete transformation.  In this case, I have produced this transformation with the food processor.  One of my favorite quick dinners is chickpeas with sofrito coquil. I buy the sofrito in our local market-- the meat manager makes it according to his Cuban grandmother's recipe. I just sizzle it in a little oil and add a can or two of chickpeas, then serve the stew over rice. Today we had leftovers, so I decided to make hummus. I had also been thinking about this can of artichoke hearts that I culled in the Spring Pantry Turnover. Nearly expired, it needed to be used up this month. I searched the FC recipe index and found a recipe for artichoke and cannelini bean dip that sounded a bit bland-- I used a good shot of lemon juice and substituted the Cuban-style chickpeas for the cannelini, which added quite a bit of flavor. It's sort of a Caribbean-Mediterranean fusion thing, but leftovers know no boundaries! It could be used as a dip, but I am making sandwiches for lunches tomorrow.

The sassy-looking little sandwiches are on my home-made rolls, with the very first harvest of home-grown lettuce from my indoor garden! I have a sub-irrigated planter on the porch; it will be moved outside to grow tomatoes after our frost-free date, but I managed to sneak in a crop of lettuce and cilantro on the sunny enclosed porch!

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Pielove writes: Hi George-- I think "coquil" means that the sofrito is Cuban-style. Next time I buy some sofrito, I will look more carefully at the label-- it is probably not spelled right. I store the sofrito frozen in ice cube trays, so I don't have the original container.
pie Posted: 8:40 pm on May 5th

GeorgeCooks writes: What is coquil? Your homemade rolls look great! Posted: 9:24 pm on May 4th

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