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Dandelion Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

By Veronica Vadakan, member

May 5th, 2009

Like a lot of people with yards, we struggle with the dandelions that take over our lawn every year. But we've found an ideal way to fight back: eat them!

Turn out that just about every part of the dandelion is edible, not to mention delicious and nutritious. And for years I've been just tossing them in the yard debris pile. Well, not any more!

The important thing when picking your dandelions is to make sure that the area where you're picking them from is never sprayed or fertilized. I only take them from my own yard because I know I don't use any nasty stuff out there.

Dandelion Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

3 tablespoons cider vinegar
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon honey
1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard
4 cups fresh young dandelion leaves, cleaned well and trimmed
2 hardboiled eggs, chopped
1/4 cup chopped, cooked bacon (I always buy bacon ends and pieces from the butcher -- they're cheaper than whole strips)

Put the vinegar, oil, honey and dijon mustard together in a small bowl and microwave for about 30 second or until it is warm and the honey has liquified. Whisk well.

Place the dandelion greens in a large bowl and toss with dressing. Top with eggs and bacon and serve.

It's too bad that our dandelions aren't blooming right now our I would have posted a recipe for dandelion blossom fritters instead. But if you have them try this: Collect as many yellow dandelion flowers as you can. Make a batter of 1 cup milk, 1 cup flour and 2 eggs. Whisk well. warm a skillet with about a 1/2" of oil on the stove. Dip each flower in the batter (hold it by the stem) and set it in the oil. After about 2 minutes, flip and brown the other side. Drain and sprinkle with a little kosher salt. Delicious!

Recipe Used: My Own Design - Dandelion Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing

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Comments (2)

EllieKrieger writes: My husband (an outdoor educator) and I are really into wild edibles. Thanks for this gorgeous recipe. Posted: 1:50 pm on May 12th

Pielove writes: Foraging, brilliant! What a great use for weeds!
pie Posted: 8:36 pm on May 5th

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