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Creme de Menthe Chip & Dark Chocolate Crackles Ice Cream Sandwiches

By Denise Jones, member

May 20th, 2009

A generous scoop of homemade ice cream, infused with Creme de Menthe liqueur and chocolate morsels, gently sandwiched between rich, decadent and chewy Dark Chocolate Crackles…after just one taste of bittersweet chocolate, intermingled on your tongue with cool, refreshingly minty, and luxuriously smooth ice cream, your craving will slowly melt away.

Recipe Used: Fine Cooking Dark Chocolate Crackles; Ice Cream inspired by David Lebovitz' Fine Cooking article, Scooped, and his book, The Perfect Scoop

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Comments (8)

Texas_Foodie writes: Legalcat,

I am also a little disappointed in the postings here. The Cook the Issue Challenge was so much fun. But it appears that not very many people have actually followed the rules - original creation using the recipe in the June/July issue of Fine Cooking and original picture of creation or ingredients - and I believe this means all of the ingredients - the milk, cream, eggs, sugar plus the extra add ins.I figure it is up to the judges to determine who followed the rules and who didn't and they will base their decision on that. I hope this doesn't discourage Fine Cooking from doing more of these challenges in the future.

PS It appears I kind of copied your idea - using a Fine Cooking Cookie recipe with my ice cream. To tell the truth, I had not even read your posting until after I posted mine. I guess we were on the same wave length! Posted: 9:07 am on June 16th

legalcat writes: Will,

The photo was taken right after they were made and I purposely overstuffed them. After they were put in the freezer, they firmed up nicely. Those who were lucky enough to taste one, raved.

So far, other than the few and faithful posters who have stuck together since the Cook the Issue Challenge, this contest is very disappointing. At least I actually made the ice cream and submitted my own photo of my creation. Posted: 4:51 pm on June 15th

Will_B writes: Like i said it SOUNDS good. You dont think that would go everywhere as soon as you took the first bite??? Your ice cream sandwiches should be set... not runny and drippy. But apparently your not the only one who likes to wear there ice cream. Posted: 3:19 pm on June 12th

Pielove writes: Unappealing and messy? Ha-- I am about to lick my computer monitor! As you say, to each his own.

pie Posted: 7:23 am on June 12th

Will_B writes: Although this sounds like a good idea the picture doesnt make it very appealing....kinda messy. But if that is your way of doing it then i guess two each there own. Posted: 2:12 am on June 12th

legalcat writes: Thank you Sally and Pie! Our weather here is a bit strange for June - the June-Gloom is dragging on past noon and it's a bit on the cool side. Posted: 12:46 am on June 12th

Pielove writes: Oh boy, I love the dark chocolate crackle cookies on their own-- this sounds really great! Ha, we are enjoying the April weather here in Chicago, but it is June-- not such good ice cream weather. Gorgeous ice cream!

Posted: 9:12 pm on June 11th

peskyone writes: These really look great, who doesn't love ice cream sandwiches? I went back to your "make it mini" entry, and may try to make the orange cream cheese ice cream John made.

I had a request from one of my co-workers, she is my "birthday buddy", which means I make her birthday cake. She asked for an ice cream cake, how perfect. Have you ever made an ice cream cake? If so, any hints you could pass along. I will enter my picture when I finish, should be middle of June. I have a lot of ideas and have been searching different web sites, but final decision is not made.

Hope you are enjoying the lovely May weather.

SallyG Posted: 12:30 pm on May 31st

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