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Chocolate Caramel Tartlets

By Denise Jones, member

June 19th, 2009

Since the "Make it Mini" Challenge, I've been hooked on mini desserts.  The cover of Saveur #119 featured a regular sized Chocolate Caramel Tart and I decided to modify the recipe and make tartlets for a Spanish Tapas party, using Caro Dark Chocolate from Spain for the ganache and a sprinkling of Mediterranean sea salt on the top.  These were so incredible, I had to share!  I bet these ingredients and flavors would combine wonderfully for ice cream...maybe I'll try that this weekend!

You can see more photos and the recipe on "There's a Newf in My Soup!"

Recipe Used: Chocolate Caramel Tart

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Comments (3)

mrwalt writes: I have made these multiple times and they are a hit every time. The original recipe was for an 8" tart but I think these made into tartlets are much better. More work intensive but well worth the effort and quite frankly a lot more fun. Posted: 10:28 pm on November 14th

peskyone writes: These look so delicious, I went to your blog and looked at the beautiful pictures of the construction of these great looking treats. I love all the creations from the concert challenges, they are very inspiring. Posted: 6:52 pm on July 2nd

Pielove writes: These look great-- although the composition is reminiscent of racked pool balls. I love salt on chocolate-- rack 'em up! Posted: 9:59 pm on June 22nd

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