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Cocktail Party Popsicles

Cocktail Party Popsicles

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  • Bittersweet Chocolate-Bourbon Pops 

By Fine Cooking Editors, editor

July 8th, 2009

by Genevieve Ko
From Fine Cooking #100, pp. 50-53

Take a childhood favorite (remember Popsicles?), add vodka (or bourbon or sparkling wine), and freeze. The result? The coolest new cocktail party of the summer.

Bellini Pops Bittersweet Chocolate-Bourbon Pops
Bellini Pops
The combination of ripe summer peaches and Prosecco makes for a sweet frozen treat that tastes a lot like the popular cocktail.
  Bittersweet Chocolate-Bourbon Pops
Dark chocolate and bourbon make for a truly decadent treat.
Lemon-Vodka Cream Pops Tips on chilly success:

Shape: Almost any mold—from classic cylinders to whimsical rockets— will work. Or keep it simple and use small wax-lined paper cups, which peel off easily.

Freeze: To ensure that the pops freeze firmly, make certain your freezer is set to 0°F.

Serve: You can pile a colorful selection of ice pops on a platter and pass it, or serve them individually in glasses (which do a good job of catching drips).
Lemon-Vodka Cream Pops
A splash of citron vodka gives the classic cream pop a decidedly adult kick.

Photos: Scott Phillips

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LorettaM writes: I don't have that issue. Why weren't the recipes right here? Posted: 7:46 pm on August 10th

browniebear writes: I have the current issue and the source of them is They're called Groovy Freezer Pop mold and there are 6 in a set. They look fun! Enjoy. Posted: 1:27 pm on July 31st

PDCOOKS writes: Please, Before I try this recipeI need to find out where to buy these great molds used for the adult pops. Thanks Posted: 1:17 pm on July 30th

pookoz writes: I love the look of the molds you used. Can you please tell me where to find them?
Thanks Posted: 12:40 pm on July 30th

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