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Peach Pie Ice Cream

Honestly, I couldnt even wait for the ice cream to be fully set.  It was that good.

Honestly, I couldn't even wait for the ice cream to be fully set.  It was that good.

  • Honestly, I couldnt even wait for the ice cream to be fully set.  It was that good.
  • I cooked the peaches to soften them before pureeing.
  • Infusing the custard with cinnamon is what really turned this from peach ice cream to peach pie ice cream.

By karenkitchen, member

July 5th, 2009

Peach pie is my favorite dessert.  When experimenting with the David Lebovitz ice cream recipes, I thought I would see how close this ice cream could taste like pie. 

My mom's peach pie recipe is the best I have ever had.  I love the simplicity of it with just peaches, cinnamon and sugar really brings out the best of the peach flavor.  To make this ice cream, I first infused cinnamon into the basic custard recipe.  Then sliced peeled and sliced fresh, ripe peaches.  I cooked them for a few minutes on the stove top in order to soften them a little and really give them the flavor of baked peaches.  Afterwards, I threw them into the food processor to puree.  Finally, I added the peaches to the cooled custard and proceeded with the recipe, chilling the custard and then churning it in the ice cream maker.

When I was transferring it from the ice cream maker to a plastic container to put in the feezer, I was scooping any extra frozen bits from the ice cream maker to snack on.  If I could of, I probably would have licked the thing clean!  I could not believe how good it was.  I kept checking the ice cream to see if it was firm yet, but in the end, couldn't wait for it to be completely firm...I just had to have some.  It tasted exactly like my mom's peach pie recipe.

This ice cream is refreshing and has just the right amount of sweetness.  It was perfect over the summer weekend.

Recipe Used: My Own Design - Peach Pie Ice Cream

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LisaWaddle writes: This sounds (and looks) divine. I think that's what I love so much about this recipe's infusion method. It gives a subtle flavor to the ice cream, that actually lets you taste the dairy, rather than just covering it up. Posted: 2:54 pm on July 7th

Pielove writes: This sounds absolutely wonderful. Posted: 7:48 pm on July 5th

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