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Video: How to Grill Pizza

Video Length: 3:41
Produced by: Sarah Breckenridge; videography by Gary Junken and Mike Dobsevage

If you want to make pizza from scratch at home, your grill can be your best friend: You don't need to mess with baking stones or any special equipment, and the grill can get hotter than most home ovens, which can help you get that pizzeria-style crust. In this video, we'll show the secrets for great grilled pizza.

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They key to grilling pizza is a fire with a hot zone and a cool zone. Your pizza starts out directly over the hot zone, then, after you top it, you pull it over to the cooler zone so it finishes cooking by indirect heat. 

To create a two-zone fire on a gas grill, preheat all my burners on high for at least 10 minutes. Then turn one of the burners down to low to create a cool zone. For a charcoal grill, bank all your coals to one side; the hot zone is directly over the coals and the cool zone is the other side of the grill.

Stretch out your dough between an 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick and put it on a rimless baking sheet dusted with some semolina flour to keep it from sticking (you could also use regular flour or coarse cornmeal). Brush the top of the dough with a little olive oil, then pick it up and lay that oiled side down on the hot zone of the grill. As soon as it makes contact, it'll start to stick to the grill grate, so use that stickiness to help you stretch the dough gently as you finish laying it down.

Brush the top with a little more olive oil, and then close the lid. Let it cook for about 3 minutes just until it gets nice grill marks on the bottom. Use tongs to remove the crust from the grill, and slide it onto a baking sheet. Put your toppings on the grilled side of the crust. The topping possibilities are endless--anything you'd put on a regular pizza will be great on a grilled one.

When you've got your pizza topped, slide it back onto the grill, but this time put it in the cool zone--here it's at the front end of the grill. Close the lid, and grill until the cheese is melted and the toppings are heated through--depending on your toppings this could be anywhere from 3 to 8 minutes. Check your bottom crust every few minutes to make sure it's not getting overly browned.

One last step: if you want to add any fresh herbs or greens, like basil or arugula, add them on now so they don't get completely wilted. And then your pizzas are ready to serve.


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