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Play It Again Pancakes: What Do You Do with Leftovers?

The perfect short stack. But, what do we do with the other hundred pancakes?

The perfect short stack. But, what do we do with the other hundred pancakes?

  • The perfect short stack. But, what do we do with the other hundred pancakes?
  • Who wants more pancakes?

By Samantha Seneviratne, Associate Food Editor/Stylist

August 18th, 2009

After another busy day in the test kitchen I’m left with a mountain of dirty bowls in my sink and an even larger mountain of uneaten golden, fluffy, delicious pancakes. I have dozens and dozens and they are just too yummy to toss.

So, today the name of the game is “Play It Again, Pancake” and I’m collecting ideas for revamping the leftover breakfast food into something fabulous.

So far we’ve come up with the following mouth-watering ideas:

Chocolate Pancake Bread Pudding
Pancake French Toast with Cinnamon and Vanilla
Berry Pancake Trifle with a Maple Whipped Cream
Sausage and Pancake Strata with Ricotta
Grilled Pancakes with Balsamic and Strawberry Sauce

What do you think? What do you do with leftover pancakes?

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Comments (23)

Sidney2u writes: A friend said that they use leftover batter for dipping things such as onions, broccoli...before frying. I haven't tried it yet, but I don't see why it wouldn't work?! Posted: 12:30 am on October 23rd

twankie writes: i crush it.add milk,cinnamon,ginger,walnut,raisins,sugar,and with syrup or whatever u like Posted: 3:32 pm on August 30th

PixiePastry writes: I'm not too creative either, but I love these ideas. Keep them coming - hubby loves pancakes and I'm too frugal to toss batter so I have many in my freezer and I think I'll make a trifle. Posted: 5:14 pm on September 17th

Doctor_Coochie writes:

Leftover pancakes? That's an oxymoron... ha-ha... Posted: 1:33 am on September 11th

Elabia writes: I also freeze my pancakes,waffles, and french toast for a quick breakfast. If i don't use my breads i give them to my chickens they are in love with anything bread. Posted: 4:18 pm on September 10th

dadcooks writes: Better yet, use the left over batter to experiment. COuntry Ham and Gruyere are great. what ever citrus zest you have. That way you have a new taste for the next day.

Same is true for waffles.

Posted: 3:22 pm on September 3rd

BarboyII writes: Left over pancakes makes an excellent Triffle, Layer pancake fruiits, custard and violla...Triffle Posted: 11:02 pm on August 29th

Marcy3pu writes: I either freeze them for later use or I make pigs in a blanket either using hot dogs or smoked sausage with the fixins (saurkraut, mustard, relish, onions and cheddar cheese). I'm thinking of trying a chili dog version. Whaddaya think? Posted: 9:07 pm on August 29th

alysonp writes: At our house when we have left over pancakes we freeze them and then the kids take them and pop them in the toaster for a quick breakfast or snack on another day. Posted: 6:23 pm on August 29th

Loudeni writes: At the high school kitchen I work in we use leftover pancakes to make Monte Cristo sandwiches. (We use leftover french toast, too). We layer ham, turkey and swiss inside of the pancakes and then finish them off on the grill--to crisp them up a bit and warm them. Finish off with powdered sugar. I should tell you that served with a side of fruit and milk makes these irresistable to high school students. Posted: 8:06 am on August 29th

Designer155 writes:

Would love to hear some ideas on the Sausage & Pancake Strata with Ricotta. Ingredients are obvious, but the assembly could be very interesting. To sauce or not to sauce? Ricotta in the middle or on top? Any success stories with this one? Posted: 7:52 am on August 29th

Rebecca9 writes: The other suggestions are very creative but I like to free the left overs to have on hand. Posted: 8:33 pm on August 28th

CathyyyO writes: I make up chicken and gravy and put the leftover pancakes in the microwave to warm them. Then I layer how many i want and pour the chicken and gravy over them... Delicious!!!! Posted: 6:02 pm on August 28th

green_lady writes: Any pancake or waffle can be used as a base for a luncheon or dinner-type topping, although waffles sometimes look a little prettier. For instance:

Pumpkin Waffles or Pancakes with Crabmeat-Mushroom Topping/Filling (run it under the broiler with a bit of cheese to get it all bubbly and toasted. Can also be rolled into leftover crepes.)

Toasted Buttermilk Pancake Wedges with Chicken a la King

Italian Meatball Pancake Sandwiches (better eaten with a fork, but very nice)

Pancake or Waffle Sloppy Joes

Pancakes or Waffles with Barbecued Pulled Pork or Chicken

Pancake or Waffle Toast Points with Chicken Soup
(leftovers from this can be done like a pot pie - put some leftover soup in a ramekin, top with an untoasted, lightly buttered pancake and bake until hot)

Both pancakes and waffles freeze well so that your leftovers need not be served the next day. Posted: 5:51 pm on August 28th

Mangiare writes: Commercial vendors sell boxes of frozen waffles or pancakes, so I decided to try freezing leftover home made ones. Works a charm. Pop them in the toaster and dress them as you like.
Posted: 4:12 pm on August 28th

Mangiare writes: Commercial vendors sell boxes of frozen waffles or pancakes, so I decided to try freezing leftover home made ones. Works a charm. Pop them in the toaster and dress them as you like. Posted: 4:12 pm on August 28th

Song4Him writes: Well, we usually have pancakes on Sunday morning... so what I always did was use the leftovers to make breakfast for the kids for the week. You can really be creative with this...I wrap smoked sausage links in pancakes roll them up in wax paper, and put them in the fridge (for up to 3 days) in a plastic bag or container... the kids pull them out... put them in the microwave and out the door with hot pancakes and sausage for breakfast on a busy school morning... you can also scramble eggs with sausage and wrap it...they also freeze well if you wrap in wax paper then put in freezer bag...just protect from the freezer and they will keep all week... you can spread with peanut butter, add a strip of banana and roll up and store the same way... and the kids love them... if they prefer warm ... just wrap them for the fridge... pull them out...warm them and then spread peanut butter and add banana... it is nutritious, delicious and fast... if the pancakes are small enough... you can make a sausage sandwich from sausage patties and wrap the same way. Posted: 2:03 pm on August 28th

CedarCityLover writes: I do the peanut butter and jelly too, but I roll them and keep them in a zip lock bag in camp, they are gone by the end of the day. Great for snacks on the hiking trail. This is a favorite campsite treat for my family and friends. Posted: 1:46 pm on August 28th

jane writes: I was just in sequoia camping with the family and I had leftover pancakes. I cut them in bite size pieces, placed them on tin foil and crisped them over the bbq pit. Then I added a bit more vanilla syrup and they came out like crispy little nuggets - great snack! I suppose you can do the same or better on a cast iron skillet! Posted: 11:49 am on August 28th

Ladypirate writes: I feed them to my chickens... Posted: 3:19 pm on August 21st

suvy writes: I think the best thing to do is NOT cook them and then usethe leftover batter to add a little scallion and cooked corn or zucchini to make a super fritter. Posted: 10:23 am on August 21st

Andrea516 writes: Not inspirational, but I put leftover pancakes or waffles on a sheet pan and freeze for 30 minutes or so and store flat in my freezer for quick breakfasts. When my kiddo was young it broke up the motonony of cereal on school days. Posted: 2:36 pm on August 20th

BarBQDallas writes: Left over pancakes make great peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Posted: 5:13 pm on August 18th

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