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Has's German Pizza Pie

German Pie on the Grill

German Pie on the Grill

By jhalsall1, member

August 26th, 2009

My husband created this fantastic Za which is a huge hit at the Pizza parties we have. We start with my Grandfathers homemade dough recipe. While you're making this, have your beer brats, onions and saurkraut cooking on the stovetop in a pan in your favorite beer. Boil diced potato in water til par cooked and saute briefly in pan with seasonings and butter (salt/seasoning salt, pepper, and we like tobasco too, for a kick). Next, top the dough with mustard as the sauce (we like yellow and spicy brown/whole grain mustard combo). Start topping the Pizza with the saurkraut (drained!) and onions. Add diced bell pepper (we used yellow here, but any color works, depending on how colorful you want it!), potato cubes, sliced beer brats, shredded cheddar cheese, sliced fresh mozzerella cheese and fresh ground pepper. We cook this pizza initially in the oven on a pizza stone with cornmeal on it until almost done, then take pizza outside to grill to finish it and get nice grill marks and flavor on it (watch carefully for flames!). While it's on the grill last minute, put basil leaves on it for that last bit of flavor. Enjoy with your favorite beer!

Grampy's Pizza Dough:

Combine 1 pkg yeast, 1 C warm water, 1 tsp sugar--let sit. In food processor or mixing bowl add 1 tsp+ garlic salt, 1 tsp+ dried oregano, 3 Tblsp veggie or olive oil, 3-3 1/2 c all purpose or bread flour (bread flour is better). Add yeast/sugar/water mix. Turn on food processor and mix until it forms a ball and is easy to handle. You may need to add more oil or flour depending on consistency. Take dough out and place in lightly greased bowl, cover and let rise until you can put 2 fingers in dough and depression stays. When you take dough out, you may want to knead it some more, then form into round dough shape (unfortunately unless you have a really high gluten amount in dough, you can't flip it in the air!).


Mustard--yellow and stone ground swirled all over dough as "sauce"

1 diced bell pepper

1/2-1 onion sliced and boiled w/ brats/saurkraut

1 can saurkraut drained and boiled with brats/onions

2-4 beer brats boiled and grilled, then sliced in chunks

1 bottle beer to boil brats etc in (have more on hand to drink while cooking/eating!)

1 baking potato diced, par boiled and sauteed 

cheddar cheese (how cheesy do you want it?)

fresh slices of mozzerella cheese

fresh basil leaves, whole or cut into strips--the more the better



Recipe Used: My Own Design - Has's German Pizza Pie

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Comments (2)

jhalsall1 writes: Krunyon, thank you for your candid comment. I have to be honest, I thought the EXACT thing when my husband first wanted to make it for me... "YUCK, how can you put those ingredients together and make a PIZZA???" But then I TRIED IT! And It is AMAZING! As we stated in the entry, you can put whatever color peppers on it, we happened to have yellow, and red probably would have made it more colorful, but the taste is what brings people back for more! Don't knock it until you've tried it! Jhalsall1. Posted: 11:03 am on September 23rd

krunyon writes: While I love German and Central European food, this is unappealing in it's appearance and combination of ingredients. Pizza with no vibrant color just looses some curb appeal for me. However, there is something for everyone on this site and it sounds as if this has been very successful. Posted: 2:06 pm on September 18th

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