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We're LIVE from the Epicurean Classic!

Gale Gand demonstrates her blackberry bread pudding at the 2009 Epicurean Classic.

Gale Gand demonstrates her blackberry bread pudding at the 2009 Epicurean Classic.

By Fine Cooking Editors, editor

March 4th, 2010

Save the date for the 2010 Epicurean Classic, August 27 to 29 on the shores of Lake Michigan. We'll be unveiling the event's web site very soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, take a look at our coverage of last year's event.

If you missed the 2009 Epicurean Classic, full video footage of the demonstrations we streamed live is available exclusively to CooksClub members: classes from 10 of the top chefs and cookbook authors—nearly eight hours in all.

Not a CooksClub member? Become one, or click the links below for highlights from our coverage.

 Featured Recipes and Videos:

Andy Pforzheimer: All About Tapas
Seared Sea Bass with Salsa Verde

Karen Solomon: Pickle Possibilities - Three Takes on Vegetables & Vinegar (Video)
Pickled Green Beans
Super Fast Thai Cucumber Salad
Quick-Pickled Daikon with Lemon

David Leite: Simple, Easy, Fresh - The New Portuguese Table
Sweet Lemon and Black Olive Wafers
Green Olive Dip

Rose Levy Beranbaum: Moist Cakes - Chocolate and Yellow
Golden Lemon Almond Cake

Giuliano Hazan: A Pair of Penne Favorites (Video)
Penne with Leeks, Zucchini, and Peppers
Penne with Four Cheeses

Gale Gand: Baking for Brunch (Video)
Quick Pear Tarts
Quick Apple Streusel Coffee Cake
Blackberry Bread Pudding

Takashi Yagihashi: Takashi's Noodles & Steamed Buns - Fusion Inspired Entrees
Braised Pork Belly with Steamed Buns

KitchenAid Giveaway Winners
Finally, congrats to our KitchenAid giveaway winners: Julie Strother, Ophira Bansal, and Jean Marie O’Neill. Thanks for watching and for your comments, ladies! Check back to learn who won the KitchenAid stand mixer at the show.

KitchenAid 12-cup food processor (photo left),  KitchenAid stand mixer (photo right).



KitchenAid Food Processor and Stand Mixer

We Streamed the Following Demos:
10:00 Karen Solomon: Pickle Possibilities
11:30 David Leite: Simple, Easy, Fresh - The New Portuguese Table
1:00 Rose Levy Beranbaum: Moist Cakes - Chocolate and Yellow
2:30 Giuliano Hazan: A Pair of Penne Favorites

10:30 Gale Gand: Baking for Brunch
11:30 Rose Levy Beranbaum: Revisiting the Classics
1:00 Takashi Yagihashi: Takashi's Noodles & Steamed Buns - Fusion Inspired Entrees
2:30 Andy Pforzheimer: All About Tapas: The Simpler the Better

10:30 Jennifer Blakeslee and Eric Patterson: Creative Genius in the Farmer's Market
11:30 Eve Aronoff: Resourceful Methods to Cook Seasonally in the Great Lakes
12:30 Jennifer McLagan: Bones, Fat, and Beyond: What Everyone Should and Will Be Eating

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Comments (155)

AuntieAnn writes: Well, since you are inviting comments for "last chance for Kitchenaid food processor", I'll go one more time. The drawing is a great incentive to participate and you can't beat Kitchenaid in the kitchen, so I hope to win one. But I'm also pleased that the promotion led me to register at this site. . . Posted: 4:12 pm on August 30th

JEANMARIE writes: This was a great I watched most of the streams Like a lot others tho the sound could have been better but what I did understand was great . Thanks again for making it that thoes of us that could not attend got a sneak peak into what we were missing Posted: 4:11 pm on August 30th

jldevries writes: hope you play them agian Posted: 3:53 pm on August 30th

lilchef writes: I am sorry to have missed this. Glad you'll be repeating the demos. I'll certainly be on the lookout for them! Posted: 3:38 pm on August 30th

Ophira writes: Thank you so much for my prize! I'm just thrilled to bits. I only discovered the Epicurean Classic online when I logged on to to figure out how to roast my first whole chicken. is definitely my go-to site for cooking how-tos. I'm a novice, but your website is helping me along. Posted: 3:32 pm on August 30th

skotecky writes: Wow! This was great! Thanks so much for a great weekend! Posted: 2:01 pm on August 30th

CulinaryEscapee writes: Thanks for the response. I did refresh several times and all I get is the picture of the Mag. cover. I really do appreciate your efforts. What fun for those of us who couldn't travel there. How about some new cities for these kinds of presentations? I think that the open mike on the cam is interfering with the speaker's mike. Maybe a dedicated mike for the speaker would be preferable to the audience mikes for audience comments. Posted: 1:41 pm on August 30th

AuntieAnn writes: Jennifer Mc Lagan: Fascinating presentation. So much interesting information. Could only understand about 10 percent of spoken words. Again, overhead camera kept me watching in places. Please, could you publish a transcript? That would be great. At least, please provide mexican recipe for BONE MARROW WITH SALSA. The bone marrow information was something I have never seen in such detail. Would also appreciate peruvian recipe for marinated heart.
Posted: 1:26 pm on August 30th

FC_Editors writes: @CulinaryEscapee: Refresh your page. If that doesn't work, go back to the home page and click on the big image that says, "We're Live from the Epicurean Classic." That should bring you back to the action. Posted: 1:24 pm on August 30th

CulinaryEscapee writes: I'm having a problem. When I post a comment the video disappears but the "noise" and indistinct talking remains. What's up? Posted: 1:21 pm on August 30th

bnice writes: hi I just tuned in so I missed a lot, hopefully we'll get to see these videos on website. Thanks Posted: 1:20 pm on August 30th

sbeltrao writes: I love to cook and I love kitchen aid products. They are going to help me cooking better and have fun doing it...Thank you for the opportunity to have one of kitchen aid product in my kitchen. Sandra, From: Raleigh, NC. Posted: 1:19 pm on August 30th

sbeltrao writes: I love to cook and I love kitchen aid products. They are going to help me cooking better and have fun doing it...Thank you for the opportunity to have one of kitchen aid product in my kitchen. Sandra, From: Raleigh, NC. Posted: 1:17 pm on August 30th

CulinaryEscapee writes: That overhead cam is the best. Good video quality for streaming vid. Thanks for the efforts. Can I get the recipes/directions in print form? It has been really really difficult to follow the verbal parts. Posted: 1:09 pm on August 30th

CulinaryEscapee writes: Bones for all kinds of dishes. I've watched this but the sound is not helping me. There is too much background "noise", but I love the video. Will someone please do something about filleting fish and using their bones for stock? Posted: 1:06 pm on August 30th

raitken_fcweb writes: @AuntieAnn: Thanks for the specificity of your feedback. You've got it! Posted: 12:43 pm on August 30th

raitken_fcweb writes: Afternoon, foodies.
@everyone: It's worth repeating. Indeed, we will rerun these demos. We'll work out the details a.s.a.p. and let you know when the videos are up on the site.
@ChefLia: The chefs' recipes are being posted as they become available. Look for links in the daily schedule above.

P.S. I'm watching Jennifer right now. I just love a cook who advocates for fat. Yum. Posted: 12:39 pm on August 30th

portlandpatty writes: This is great! I hope we will be able to see these tapes again...keep up the innovative ideas! Posted: 12:38 pm on August 30th

AuntieAnn writes: Eve came on - just a little late. Comment for producers: overhead camera is what is keeping me watching -- excellent view for anyone who knows a little bit about cooking. I have to strain to hear, so watching the chefs cook is the next best thing. Posted: 12:32 pm on August 30th

CulinaryEscapee writes: I just tuned in. Eve is great. Posted: 12:14 pm on August 30th

CulinaryEscapee writes: Just found out about this. I am viewing Eve now. Thanks so much. Posted: 12:13 pm on August 30th

ChefLia writes: Can you share the recipes that were demonstrated today? There should be a link right from the video feed so we can follow along with the technique. Posted: 11:54 am on August 30th

ChefLia writes: Love the flavor profile of Eve's dish. Looks wonderful. Wish I could have tasted it! But having this live video was a wonderful experience. Thanks for the opportunity to be there in spirit! Posted: 11:52 am on August 30th

cookinkt writes: I wish I had opened this email earlier! I'm glad I can still watch them with the links. Thanks! Posted: 11:46 am on August 30th

AuntieAnn writes: Sitting here waiting for the Eve Aronoff presentation. Not coming through. Just thought I'd let you know. Posted: 11:44 am on August 30th

AuntieAnn writes: GOOD Farmer's Market presentation. A question for Eric: did NOT know that you don't have to peel beets. Never used a recipe that said otherwise. However, I'm curious: when, if ever, DO you definitely peel beets (other than for presentation)? Posted: 11:18 am on August 30th

JEANMARIE writes: i wish I could be there even just to smell all the great foods they are creating. Next year they need to move show to the south for sure Posted: 11:02 am on August 30th

AuntieAnn writes: Gotta love Eric: "I hate tongs -- tongs are so impersonal!" Posted: 10:43 am on August 30th

TriageTrish writes: I am looking forward to this mornings demonstrations. I missed the last ones. I would love a new food processor. Mine gets a workout during the summer months. It is OLD but still does pretty well. It is harvest gold color if that gives you a clue to its age! Posted: 9:57 am on August 30th

DrDebrah writes: These offering are valuable tools for wanna-be cooks like me. Can you offer them again? Thank you. Posted: 9:51 am on August 30th

inlineclass writes: I was wondering if these demonstrations would be available on Demand? That would be very useful. Then you could view them when you have time. Posted: 9:00 am on August 30th

dtbaker writes: thanks for broadcasting! Posted: 8:37 am on August 30th

djfields writes: This is such a great way to demonstrate. I am a southern cook and love all the ideas I can get. We are always up to trying something new. I am going to catch the live stream on Sunday(today). Looking forward to it. Posted: 6:08 am on August 30th

burnartist writes: I received my e-mail but signed i too late, will try on Sunday. I have a KitchenAid stand mixer and use it all of the time. With the economy and my job situation drastically changed, I have been learning how to economize and prepare foods at home from homemade granola to yogurt. I would love to have a food processor to help speed up some of the food preparation. Keep up the good work and will be sure to tune in tomorrow. Kathy from Texas Posted: 8:12 pm on August 29th

cozycroft writes: Yum...yum...something for everyone! I too would like to be able to access the video if it's out there. My home time is limited right now. I have a question for someone out there. I recently moved into a small home with a small kitchen. Other than the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (which I couldn't live without) what is the most versatile piece of kitchen equipment that can do it all? Posted: 8:03 pm on August 29th

pontoosuc writes: I'm posting a comment in the hopes your pick my comment. We just moved into our new house with all new major appliances. Once settled I went to the top of my must purchase list and added the Kitchen Aid stand mixer: the Pro600. Immediately after that I ordered the ice cream maker attachment.

Of all the new and wonderful appliances in my kitchen (large and small) this is by far the most used, and most functional of them all. I got it in the nickel pearl and it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you Kitchen Aid. I would love to have the food processor to add to my kitchen. Keeping my fingers crossed in Massachusetts.
Posted: 6:23 pm on August 29th

gjstl writes: I read the email too late to see the live demos but will tune in tomorrow for Sunday's live sessions. Will we be able to see a recorded version of Friday's and Saturday's? They sound great. Posted: 5:54 pm on August 29th

Lazs_Wench writes: Gee whiz, work sure does interfere with one's real life, lol...wish I could have been around yesterday and today for the live feeds, but will be watching tomorrow for sure! Note for next year: hope there will be lots of info/ideas for those of us living south of the Mason-Dixon line--can we say, "poke salet" and "grits"? Not to mention fried green tomatoes and the world's best cornbread! Thanks, Fine Cooking! Happy dining to all! Posted: 5:15 pm on August 29th

ishodan writes: This is great! I wish I could be THERE too! Posted: 4:55 pm on August 29th

toddandmelody writes: I'm sorry I came in too late to watch the live stream. will be watching tomorrow--sounds great. Posted: 4:54 pm on August 29th

marcia400 writes: I just got an e-mail from Fine Cooking about the live shows from the Epicurean Classic. Logged on to late though :-( It's over for today. I will definetly tune in to watch tomorrow. What a GREAT idea. I love it! Posted: 4:12 pm on August 29th

garchompson writes: Great idea for running the live demos! Now I wished we could be there too! Posted: 3:57 pm on August 29th

arlene29 writes: Thanks for posting some of the recipes. I will be trying Rose Levy Berenbaum's cke tonight, though I could really use the KitchenAid mixer - mine got caught in a flood in our basement and is out of commission. Posted: 3:57 pm on August 29th

czyha writes: Thanks for the suggestion to crank up the volume, it helped. Posted: 3:51 pm on August 29th

Ophira writes: I have been asking my husband to buy me a KitchenAid Stand Mixer for 3 years. He keeps saying once we have a bigger place and more space I can get it. I keep thinking about the dough I could make in it. I would love to get into bread baking. Posted: 3:27 pm on August 29th

5784 writes: So very fascinating and so making me hungry. Picture is fine. instruction excellent Posted: 3:23 pm on August 29th

JAVishaway writes: I wish I could actually be there to watch but Thanks so much for broadcasting live! Posted: 3:20 pm on August 29th

love2cook4you writes: Great idea posting the demos live. Thanks! Posted: 3:16 pm on August 29th

yarme writes: Thank you so much for including all of us who could not be there. This has been a wonderful distraction on a cold rainy day. Posted: 3:16 pm on August 29th

Ophira writes: These look delicious! I need an excuse to make them. Wish I could convince my 3 year old to have a tapas party with me. Posted: 3:12 pm on August 29th

SHS61 writes: Video and audio are now simultaneous and it's easy to watch. Thanks for what you are doing. Andy is really a lot of fun to watch! Posted: 3:09 pm on August 29th

Torpy writes: I am enjoying Gale's demo but the sound comes and goes. This is a really neat idea and thank you to Fine Cooking for presenting this. Posted: 3:09 pm on August 29th

Suzi writes: Thank you for presenting this live. The picture is a little jumpy, but I can hear the cook talk clearly. I love Kitchenaid products and would love to win :) Posted: 3:09 pm on August 29th

AnnaSophie writes: Wish I were there! It looks like so much fun. Keep giving us these interesting concepts. Love romesco sauce! Posted: 3:06 pm on August 29th

rusewcrazy writes: I am really enjoying watching these demos! I can never attend events like this in person because of time and money, but it's so nice to see it on my computer. Unfortunately I am having a difficult time with the sound, can't really hear it much at all. Thank you so much! Posted: 3:05 pm on August 29th

raitken_fcweb writes: Bummer, everybody. There's a change in the schedule. We won't be able to see Karen's demo at 3:30, but we will post her stone fruit jams recipes a.s.a.p. Check back for the link. In the meantime, stay tuned to Andy's Tapas demo. He's got everybody laughing. Posted: 3:02 pm on August 29th

mtmags writes: What fun, but the quality of the video is very poor. There is also an echo,so it's hard to hear. In spite of all that, I felt like I had my own chef showing me how to prepare food and tomatoes is one of my favorite, I grew up on Jersey tomatoes. Thanks for sharing and I hope your technology catches up with the world soon. Posted: 3:01 pm on August 29th

SHS61 writes: Oh, My! I am watching the Tapas presentation and am practically drooling for those fresh tomatoe dishes!!! Posted: 2:50 pm on August 29th

connieg writes: Fabulous -- I can almost taste the tapas. Wish I were there! Posted: 2:45 pm on August 29th

Sloan writes: Great show! Posted: 2:41 pm on August 29th

SHS61 writes: Still having problems picking up the feeds, but will keep trying. I certainly appreciate your re-posting them. What a great opportunity for those of us who cannot be there. Thanks so much! Posted: 2:33 pm on August 29th

foodieprincess writes: I recently reviewed Andy's new cookbook "The Barcelona Cookbook" and I'm looking forward to seeing his presentation in person. I could sure use a new food processor, my current one is about 15 years old and has definitely seen better days. Posted: 2:21 pm on August 29th

ddavis3 writes: I'm disappointed I couldn't be home in time for Rose Levy Beranbaum's demonstration, but so glad to see that you will be rerunning them! Posted: 2:03 pm on August 29th

Tembi writes: Incredible helpful and great tips! Thanks! Posted: 2:00 pm on August 29th

plutodrive writes: Thank you for the opportunity to see the Epicurean Classic. This is the next best thing to actually being there! Posted: 1:50 pm on August 29th

gretcheno writes: Thanks for allowing us to share in these demonstrations - it's a great idea!
Unfortunately, it's sometimes impossible to hear what the presenters are saying due to a terrible echo. Despite that, I'm enjoying what I can! Posted: 1:36 pm on August 29th

katewalk writes: This is so cool. I learn so much from watching. What a dream to be there! I bought many of the Kitchen Aid attachments for my daughter and son-in-law when they were starting out. They love to cook. I hope they tune and watching Takashi make the pasta. It is so cool! I enjoy being able to hear and see the interaction! Thank you for this opportunity. Posted: 1:35 pm on August 29th

raitken_fcweb writes: @dotty44, Ophira, dollibygolly, and coffeemom: I'm really sorry you guys are having trouble hearing the demos. I'm not having the same experience, though I do have my volume turned up pretty high. I can't always hear when someone in the audience asks a question, but I am hearing the chefs OK (right now, Takashi's up). We are planning on rerunning these, so indeed, you'll have opportunities to see the demos again. Details on that will follow. Posted: 1:27 pm on August 29th

dotty44 writes: I'm watching Andy P and the pic and sound is faulty
but keep trying and I'll keep watching.
This is as close as I can be to being there. Posted: 1:15 pm on August 29th

JEANMARIE writes: I just love all my kitchenaid appliances dont know what i would do without them. This live stream is great next best thing to being there Thanks Fine Cooking Posted: 12:46 pm on August 29th

Ophira writes: So frustrating to not be able to make out what Rose was saying again today. Posted: 12:44 pm on August 29th

dollibygolly writes:
Lovely to see and (almost) hear RLB! I had hoped to meet her this past June at her husband's 50th reunion at University of Toronto. Alas, once again Elliot wasn't in attendance.
such a delight to view all of the great cooks live. Will there be opportunities to see this series again? Thank you. Posted: 12:30 pm on August 29th

coffeemom writes: Very interesting and informative presentations but the video and sound quality was very bad on this live feed. Posted: 12:29 pm on August 29th

efrandzel writes: I do a lot of cooking and baking and use my KitchenAid often. i especially like to use it for salad dressings and pie crusts. I am looking forward to your presentations.
efrandzel Posted: 12:26 pm on August 29th

nlester writes: Many years ago my husband asked my daughter to purchase a food processor for my Christmas present, as our town was sold right out. My daughter was working in Boston and was able to find one. She was twenty-four at the time and is now fifty eight. I am still using the same food processor. What a pleasure you and your crew have brought to us. Thank you so much. Posted: 12:14 pm on August 29th

FC_Editors writes: @WhatsCooking: Click on the link next to Gale's name on the schedule above. It'll bring you to the complete recipe. Posted: 12:13 pm on August 29th

WhatsCookingchef writes: I watched Gale Gand make a pear tart but did not hear how long to cook it.

I missed half of her humorous comments because of the poor sound quality. Too bad; I love Gale Gand. Posted: 11:41 am on August 29th

pattym writes: How cool! I've really enjoyed watching Gayle and will definitely tune in for other chefs. Posted: 11:33 am on August 29th

jermbee writes: very cool. looking forward to seeing takashi on here! Posted: 11:29 am on August 29th

mbm writes: What a great idea! Fabulous. Posted: 11:08 am on August 29th

raitken_fcweb writes: Good morning everyone: A heads-up from Command Central - We may have a problem with our wireless connection for the 10:30 stream. Don't worry, though; we'll get the video and play it back a.s.a.p. If you don't see Gale's brunch, check back for Rose's classics at 11:30 EDT (which we do not anticipate we'll have a problem streaming). In the meantime, check out the recipes we've linked up in the schedule. And, again, thanks for tuning in! Posted: 10:34 am on August 29th

marilyn6od writes: I live in St Joe & am out of town. Darn. Will be there next year! Posted: 10:25 am on August 29th

2kids4paws writes: This looks great!! Can't wait to try the pulled pork!!!
How about some classes about chocolate!! My personal fav! Posted: 9:46 am on August 29th

ProMich writes: Thanks for all this great coverage of Epicurean Classic. We're glad you're here. I just posted info on the EC FB pages. Good stuff!! Posted: 9:01 am on August 29th

eyedoc writes: This is a great idea and I have passed on the info to foodie friends! Posted: 8:46 am on August 29th

yeven writes: Question for the pastry chefs- which kind of yeast do you prefer- active dry or fresh- and why? Posted: 12:18 am on August 29th

nancydemond writes: so glad to see that a session tomorrow will feature stone fruits and jam~ thanks! Posted: 10:43 pm on August 28th

nancydemond writes: I am so glad to see a session for making jam from stone fruits. I am up to my elbows in peaches and plums, and apples are coming on! thanks! Posted: 10:42 pm on August 28th

paig1344 writes: wow!!!! was not looking forward to being home in the rain tomorrow, making soup for the upcoming holidays. now, i am really looking forward to watching all the demonstrations!
can't wait. thanks! Posted: 10:19 pm on August 28th

mommabird writes: Just logged on to Fine Cooking and saw the wonderful videos. Wish I was in Michigan, but alas I must watch it on the computer. It would be great if you could post the times in all the time zones..we in CA need to look a bit earlier and we sometimes miss it by an hour or so...If this works, let's have more... Posted: 8:23 pm on August 28th

Hotchoc writes: Here's a question for the chefs: What would you recommend be the first thing I make in my brand new kitchen (which is about one hour away from being completed!)?

Thanks Posted: 8:07 pm on August 28th

coffeesnob writes: Thanks so much for sharing! Would have been incredible to see the demos live, but this is definitely the next best thing -- Posted: 6:00 pm on August 28th

dbilyeu writes: Thank you for the unique demonstrations, I have reviewed so many of them for the perfect techniques. Now I am also invited to a cooking class for FREE. Yes I naturally would love to win the prize allowed, although I am not there.
Thanks for teaching us all. Missed todays show, but will catch the live ones tommorrow.
dbilyeu Posted: 5:27 pm on August 28th

dotty44 writes: This is such a great idea! Will we be able to access the
demos at our convenience? I am teaching culinary school
during the day. Thanx....
Posted: 4:53 pm on August 28th

E_Warner writes: Love the concept. Seeing the classes really help. It would have been great to include the schedule in the email. Posted: 4:48 pm on August 28th

saad writes: It was agreat pleasure to watch it,ihope you continue presenting such good services. Posted: 4:29 pm on August 28th

Nancy09 writes: Hello,

I have a question for Rose. Why is it that my lemon layer cake had holes in it (like tunnels). The recipe called for sifted cake flour (which I did). My mother said it was because I didn't sift the baking soda with the flour.


(and wow, what a great lineup)

Nancy Posted: 4:21 pm on August 28th

martowl writes: For those that work during the day will these be available as recorded movies, I would very much like to see them. However, I will tune in tomorrow provided the yardwork does not overtake me completely:) Posted: 4:13 pm on August 28th

Wyskur writes: It looks like the times posted are for the Eastern Daylight Savings Timezone. Adjust the times to your timezone to see some great video! Posted: 4:11 pm on August 28th

raitken_fcweb writes: First, I’d like to thank everyone who watched today’s stream and offered up comments. We made it through the first day with only a few technical difficulties (that’s expected) and we’ll continue to troubleshoot problems with sound tomorrow if they come up. Keep your feedback coming! To answer some specific questions:
Time zone is EST.
@oleic: Is that an invitation?
@MPearl: We’re working on running the segments again. Stay tuned.
@skotecky: Sorry, no smell-a-vision. I’m bummed about that too!

-Robyn Posted: 4:11 pm on August 28th

JoLesher writes: I tried to watch but got nothing. I'll try again later. It's a good idea although I suspect sound is needed to really appreciate what is going on. Posted: 4:03 pm on August 28th

Wanderer3 writes: A response to Ophira while in between videos...have you checked out the Food Geek's blog (another great Fine Cooking contribution!) on buttercream? Might be helpful for you...
Any dates for the show to come to Canada? We love food and cooking here too! :) Posted: 3:56 pm on August 28th

baronhs writes: Love the demonstrations...just wish you could do something with the sound! Thanks for the ideas. Posted: 3:48 pm on August 28th

trav45 writes: Drat--I'm not getting anything? Must be the time difference. Will definitely tune in tomorrow. I have ALL of Rose's books! Posted: 3:32 pm on August 28th

arlene29 writes: It's great to see the demonstrations on the videos, but I really wish I could have been there. Posted: 3:15 pm on August 28th

SilBsAs writes: What a wonderfull idea! I wish I were there, but at least this is a great opportunity to see such good chefs in action! Thank you so much. Posted: 3:08 pm on August 28th

moms writes: I sure wish I could have been there too, as the audio is pretty bad. I just happened upon this, and WOW is it good to watch. I learn so much more from watching then reading. Thanks for your videos fine cooking. Posted: 3:01 pm on August 28th

jeanettenapier123 writes: love it now ican view videos try new things and try to win free prizes love it Posted: 2:45 pm on August 28th

daton2009 writes: Well I swear by Kitchen Aid appliances and the chefs on this show are great! I look forward to watching them (even without sound if I have to :( ) Oh and the stone fruit jams.... Posted: 2:37 pm on August 28th

purplemtn624 writes: What a fabulous idea! Thank you FineCooking for bringing the experts into my I'll be cooking all weekend! Posted: 2:35 pm on August 28th

christinegable writes: What awesome segments -- thanks so much for making this possible. Looking forward to tuning in all weekend! Posted: 2:35 pm on August 28th

Wyskur writes: This is a great idea. I agree with the other comments about the video and sound quality. I also have a question. For which timezone are the posts for shows listed? Are the adjusted to display correctly for each user that logs in, or are they listed for whatever timezone this is being broadcasted? Posted: 2:30 pm on August 28th

SarahCat writes: The halting video and the incomprehensible sound make this a great idea that isn't working. The video without sound will be at best, no better; at worst, it will be almost useless. This looks like it was shot with a cell phone and transmitted over a dial up line. Posted: 2:26 pm on August 28th

jldevries writes: Yeah i agree the sound is very low Posted: 2:24 pm on August 28th

oleic writes: The sound quality is not that good and there is a lot of distortions and breaking up...Anyway,im just wondering if you have future plan shooting here in Anaheim, or LA, California? Thanks.. Posted: 2:14 pm on August 28th

gorzd writes: it's great to watch anyway, and I wish I could be there...
BUT: the sound quality needs to be improved!
thanks for this feature! Posted: 2:09 pm on August 28th

MPearl writes: Wish I could be there in person because I'm frustrated, audio very bad... How can I see what I've missed? Posted: 2:08 pm on August 28th

ibcheft writes: I have an Artisan 5 qt, althought it is the professional matt grey, I would like the features of the 6 qt with the drop down bowl, what would the advantges be to having the drop down bowl other than I can get it in the Burnt Red to match all my other Kitchen Aid products ? I use to live in Michigan, now I am in Texas and love cooking, did not know that when I lived there from the 50s to the early 90s. Wish they had stuff like this in Houston. thanks Posted: 2:05 pm on August 28th

sherih writes: The demo I viewed was really difficult to understand and the man in the scene had to hold the glass bowl on the stand mixer so we really couldn't see anything. This is a good idea though, but on the demo I viewed there wasn't anything new. Posted: 2:01 pm on August 28th

czyha writes: Thank you, this is a great idea, but either my technology or the webcast technology needs a bit of improvement. At this point I can hear other voices over Rose's. I'll check in later. Posted: 2:00 pm on August 28th

oleic writes: It could have been much better if i were there in person. :D Posted: 1:59 pm on August 28th

schlag writes: I've subscribed to Fine Cooking for years and love the magazine but this is really cool to see a live, unrehearsed, streaming video. I'm so glad it's not a reality show! Thank you! Posted: 1:56 pm on August 28th

monelle writes: Usually I open up my computer early in the morning but this morning I slept in and didn't open till 1 PM when I read your email advising about the live videos - unfortunately David Leite had come and gone and I missed my opportunity to see him in action. It was a great disappointment. Posted: 1:54 pm on August 28th

bathurstn writes: Great demonstration. I just went on Amazon's website and pre-ordered Rose's new book Rose's Heavenly Cakes. Posted: 1:51 pm on August 28th

Ophira writes: I don't have a standmixer at home. Would it work just as well to mix in the butter by using fingers? I find a spoon or spatula never quite cuts it. Posted: 1:49 pm on August 28th

FC_Editors writes: @ddavis3: Indeed we will be posting recipes from the presenters. Check back for links. We're getting them up on the site right now. (We'll post updates as well). Posted: 1:49 pm on August 28th

kersey writes: You do realize many of us will start next week way behind in our work thanks to you. This is far more interesting than my job. Thank you Posted: 1:47 pm on August 28th

Ophira writes: What is the difference in process in making an Italian buttercream vs. a French buttercream? Posted: 1:45 pm on August 28th

ddavis3 writes: This is great, thanks! But I agree with an above poster, the sound is hard to understand. My cakes are almost always dry so I appreciate this! Will there be a print version of the recipes and tips coming? Or would it be possible to make the videos available to watch at any time, I missed the first half! Posted: 1:45 pm on August 28th

cookmama writes: This is a great way to learn something new even when I'm out of the country! thanks. Posted: 1:37 pm on August 28th

oleic writes: ok it's back now...i think its just my connection that is having a problem. Posted: 1:36 pm on August 28th

vkb2 writes: This is so great to watch. I only wish I could be there. I have work to do at my desk and I'm going to keep this on all afternoon. It's the next best thing to being there.

What a great idea! Posted: 1:36 pm on August 28th

oleic writes: uh oh! it just stopped...hmmm..maybe a connection problem. Posted: 1:35 pm on August 28th

BruceB59 writes: Boy what a difference the right tools in the right hands make. Wish I could be there. Posted: 1:34 pm on August 28th

nightshade writes: Sound and video are so halting it's frustrating to watch. Good to see Rose Levey Beerbaum in person though. Posted: 1:33 pm on August 28th

oleic writes: oh this is interesting...but how i wish i was there and taste the finish product, heheh! Anyway, The video is great but the sound isn't that good quality and there is a background sound which is a bit distracting for viewers like me. Posted: 1:21 pm on August 28th

krogers1956 writes: Thank you for the live stream. A treat to watch Rose! Yummm.
Posted: 1:15 pm on August 28th

laloma1947 writes: love it love it! Posted: 1:15 pm on August 28th

roy99664 writes: Great idea. Too many glitches. I'll try later. Posted: 1:09 pm on August 28th

raitken_fcweb writes: Stay with it, food lovers! The technical glitches were just temporary. Keep enjoying! Posted: 12:54 pm on August 28th

skotecky writes: Yum!
I can't believe this is happening! Web demos all weekend!
Any chance of 'Smell-a-vision' and 'Taste-a-vision' next year?
The different camera angles are great.
Yay, I think Rose Levy Beranbaum's heavenly cakes is next!
Thanks Fine Cooking, you're the best!
Sasha Posted: 12:53 pm on August 28th

carolinawren writes: Great picture, but muffled sound... mostly crowd noise (wish I was in that crowd!).

I'll drop by tomorrow & see if everything is sorted. :) Posted: 12:52 pm on August 28th

MBerger writes: Between each live demonstration we're playing back recorded demos. Unfortunately, those recordings don't include sound. Refer to the schedule above for live recording times. Posted: 12:47 pm on August 28th

ChrisP writes: I'm with David_H - good idea, but execution issues... Looks like the microphone feed from the demo-ing chef is not working. Posted: 12:43 pm on August 28th

David_H writes: I can hear a woman talking about the audio, but no sound from the cook
Like the whole Idea, just some tech difficulty Posted: 12:42 pm on August 28th

Don Rip writes: They say chefs talk with their hands, but without sound I still can't understand. Ah, all that planning then nothing works, just like cooking....... Posted: 12:37 pm on August 28th

David_H writes: No Sound except for some vague echoing Posted: 12:30 pm on August 28th

chefpdi writes: Almost as good as being there! Great idea! Thanks! Posted: 12:13 pm on August 28th

mulberrycoyote writes: thanks for posting this Posted: 12:04 pm on August 28th

jane writes: I am pleased to be able to see this. I find it beneficial to watch the techniques instead of reading them. Thanks for making this available. Posted: 11:53 am on August 28th

love2cook4u writes: What a great idea! Wish we could taste the final product!! Posted: 11:51 am on August 28th

LisaWaddle writes: The sound and photos are great! Not as good as being there (I can't taste anything) but close! Posted: 11:40 am on August 28th

sjm59 writes: I agree - great way to share with anyone who couldn't be there in person! Thank you. Posted: 11:35 am on August 28th

DMickelsen writes: Oh, it looks like David Leite is about to give a demo... thanks for being there so that we can see it, Sarah! Posted: 11:30 am on August 28th

ALawson writes: Oh how I wish I were there but this is a great way to get the demonstrations out to everyone! Thanks for a great concept. Posted: 11:27 am on August 28th

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