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Got Rabbit?

How often does rabbit make it to your table?
Illustration by: nicoolay

How often does rabbit make it to your table?

Illustration by: nicoolay

By Jennifer Armentrout, editor

August 27th, 2009

Rabbit meat is showing up in grocery stores near us - is it in your store, too?

We're thinking of doing some rabbit recipes in the near future, and we want your feedback.  Are you interested in cooking and eating rabbit?  And if you are, can you find it in your area?  It's available in one of our big chain grocery stores here in Connecticut, but still, it's not easy to find if you don't know where to look.

Please help us out by posting a comment telling us know how you feel about rabbit, whether it's available to you, and where in the country you live. It would also help us to know whether you're in a rural, suburban, or urban area.


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BlackEye writes: I have never knowingly eaten rabbit in any form. However, due to gross rabbit overpopulation (even worse than humans – reaching 7 billion on Halloween!), I am interested in recipes using rabbit. Jamie Oliver has a great recipe for Rabbit Bolognese that I would love to try. And, I am certain that Fine Cooking would offer some excellent rabbit recipes, as well. So I say, yes!

I live in urban Orange County, CA, where it is legal for Republicans to eat Democrats (I alone could feed a family of four for a month), so why not rabbits?

After some research, I found three vendors that offer rabbit for sale: The Meat House in Costa Mesa usually, but not always, stocks FRESH, whole, skinned rabbit for $18.99 lb., El Toro Gourmet Meat & Seafood stocks frozen, whole, skinned rabbits for $6.99 lb., and El Toro Carniceria in Santa Ana carries the frozen, whole, skinned rabbit for $3.89 lb. All three vendors report that the average weight is 2-2.5 lbs. per rabbit. At these prices (certainly not reduced by high supply and low demand), it better taste better than chicken, as many contributors have opined.

I haven't taken a poll of OC eateries to see how many serve rabbit in any incarnation, but I imagine there must be at least a few. Although, whenever Glenn Close and I have gone out for a special meal, we have never noticed it on the menu, boiled or otherwise.

With ABC substituting Brian Williams for bunnies on TV, and considering all of the controversy raised by a simple quest from a senior food editor, now, when I look out my window, it’s strange, sure it’s strange. I see rabbits running in the ditch. Butchers out to make it rich. Oh no, must be the season of the witch...must be the season of the witch. When I look. Posted: 8:01 pm on November 12th

surgeon92 writes: I have found a few butches in the Seattle area that sell rabbit. I am making my first rabbit recipe next week. I would love to see more recipes in Fine Cooking for rabbit or even other "exotic" meats. Posted: 8:30 pm on May 12th

AtomHeart writes: Just found a butcher that offers rabbit here in Denver Colorado. I would love to see some recipes out of your test kitchen!! Posted: 6:32 pm on April 13th

Torontofoodie writes: Yes, I would love to see more rabbit recipes. Being northern Italian we grew up eating rabbit in wonderful braises accompanied by polenta. Delicious! I do make it for my family, and would like more recipes. Also, I would love some recipes for pheasant. Posted: 12:38 pm on February 10th

zmillion writes: Heck NO. Posted: 1:13 am on February 5th

Cloverfield writes: Rabbit is available, frozen, in my grocery store in the SF Bay Area. I only have two recipies, and I'm fixing one of them today. I would appreciate if Fine Cooking would do an article, with recipes for rabbit. Posted: 8:08 pm on January 9th

msmeri writes: Yes to rabbit ! We always are excited to see it on a menu - usually a sign of an inventive chef. We live in Litchfield County , CT and have a few sources for fresh rabbit. Call your local County Extension Service and they should be able to direct you to someone that raises rabbit. The Extension Service is GREAT. We were in North Carolina looking for sweet potatoes and they sent us to a great grower that we have been buying from for years now. Posted: 4:34 pm on September 8th

k3t writes: ive raised rabbits eaten rabbits sold rabbits. im no different than a goat rancher , cattle rancher, horse rancher, chicken rancher, etc, this country was founded fought for and bled for farmers such as i and those who seek to degrade the simple way of life for sustainence are those who havent fought or bled or lived in hardship to survive. i feel for those who have had given to them what they so ignorantly feel all else can do without. for where would they be now? Go to montana and see what your beef are eating and how they are raised... go to arizona and see just how your pork is slaughtered.. see how your chicken nuggets are made.. Rabbit is still by far the better white meat. thank you Posted: 10:49 pm on June 9th

ThomasGinOKC writes: One of my sons (6 yrs old) said he wants to eat a rabbit for Easter Dinner. Where can I buy fresh rabbit meeting in Oklahoma City, OK? Posted: 11:03 pm on April 1st

mamooP writes: Yes please. Rabbit has recently become available in the grocery store we frequent and I would love to try it. Just need some good recipes. Posted: 12:02 pm on March 15th

aamulders writes: Absolutely! And a quail recipe or two would be great also. Posted: 8:01 pm on January 28th

APonKP writes: Yes, of course you should print rabbit recipes. It says volumes that you haven't so far. I like the magazine but feel it should stretch way further than it has. Why do you feel you have to put it to a vote? Posted: 1:42 am on January 9th

Marcy3pu writes: Oh yeah, and another thing. People have chickens as pets so does that mean that recipies for chicken should stop being published? Posted: 12:57 pm on November 21st

Marcy3pu writes: Good grief! This is much ado about nothing. For those individuals who view rabbits as pets, don't eat them. In other countries and cultures eating "non traditional" meats is an okay thing. I don't think it's fair to deprive others who would like to expand their culinary experiences. It's all about a matter of choice and personal preferences. A friend of mine recently told me that she had rabbit in some upscale restaurant that featured game meats that was absolutely tender and devine. It had some type of elderberry, wild berry some berry with thyme. Sound delish to me and I would be interested in other recipies like this other than the traditional stew. Posted: 12:50 pm on November 21st

Lazurusbunny writes: Come on! Let these people eat rabbit in peace! It's not like they are going to come into your house, steal your pet rabbit and cook it! I have a rabbit and I love his lil furriness with all of my heart! But just because I think rabbits are sweet and cute doesn't mean I have to rain on the rabbit eater's parade. Deer are cute, cows are cute, squirrels are cute, buffalo are cute, pigs, as babies are cute, can't say fish is cute, chicken as babies are cute..... Go ahead, post rabbit recipes:O) Have fun and enjoy the culinary experience (although I agree with another post, is there even enough meat to enjoy eating it?)

LOL, Americans! Why do we think we can tell everyone what to do and why they can/can't do it? Get the log out of your eye before you remove the splinter from your neighbor's Posted: 9:46 am on October 23rd

elizabethmd writes: I would love to see some rabbit recipes.

Rabbit is delicious - for me, it combines the juicy succulence of the dark meat of chicken with the tender consistency of the white meat. I love it so much, and I order it whenever I get a chance.

Additionally, I respect animal rights very much and the humane and ethical treatment of animals. I only eat meat that is Humane Certified.

It is possible to eat meat and still love animals!

Posted: 3:35 pm on October 12th

bunnylove writes: Please do not offer rabbit recipes. Posted: 12:13 am on September 25th

LagomorphMom writes: I fail to understand why the culinary world in the US would want to offer recipes for an animal which is the 3rd most popular pet behind dogs & cats here. I share a home with 2 domestic rabbits, Oryctolagus cuniculi; they are affectionate, playful, mischieves creatures who deserve a place at the table, not on it. Please no domestic rabbit recipes for the Americans who treasure them as companion animals. Thank you. Posted: 7:29 pm on September 21st

atomiccooker writes: When I was growing up, my mother farmed New Zealand Reds and made the best stew I have ever eaten with them. I would definitely welcome rabbit recipes, although I admit it is a difficult meat to find in the stores. Posted: 4:56 pm on September 18th

FC_Editors writes: Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment. While we welcome and encourage your feedback, several of the comments here were over the line and they’ve been removed in order to keep the discussion civil and productive. Posted: 2:08 pm on September 15th

mmerry writes: I'd also LOVE to see some rabbit recipes. I live in an area with a large French population. It was once common in the grocery stores here. Not so much any longer :-(.

It's a very tasty and low fat light meat.

thanks for asking! Posted: 10:41 pm on September 14th

ButcherMom writes: Thanks for this post. We love rabbit. We are also a butcher shop and some of our family members raise rabbit for meat. Rabbit meat is a great healthy choice for meat consumption. It is also often recommended by physicans here locally to their patients with medical conditions.

Rabbit fryers are flavorful and versatile. Rabbit roasters are wonderful for excellent gourmet sausages, stews, and such.

It is our experience that more mainstream customers would purchase rabbit meat on a regular basis if the recipe information and cooking demos were available to them. Once they realize the health benefits to eating rabbit meat and the excellent taste they provide, they are sold.

Yes, it is available here and we are encouraging the local growth in the mainstream marketplace. We are in Kentucky. Available both rural and urban. Posted: 11:38 am on September 14th

Wiggums writes: Rabbit is not on any of the menu's in the area that I live, nor is it offered in any grocery stores. We already have too many meet sources. Not to mention the fact that there are much better options with a higher protein content if you are going to eat an animal. So, rabbit recipes are a no. I will not purchase anything published with recipes for rabbit. Posted: 11:10 am on September 13th

Einstein_Sniffles_Da writes: I would never eat rabbit. There is not enough meat on a rabbit to even justify killing it. If I saw a grocery store selling rabbit meat, I would never shop at that grocery store ever again! Posted: 11:00 am on September 13th

cni writes: My local grocery store doesn't carry rabbit, but I saw it once in a rare while when I lived in Las Vegas. I've had it, but I couldn't eat it now. A ruling by the USDA a couple of years ago classified rabbits as poultry so they could be prepared more efficiently. Apparently, poultry and rabbits experience quite a bit of pain in the process. That just put me off the idea. And reading some of the comments from pet owners convinces me I made the right decision. So, I'm not interested in rabbit recipes. Posted: 12:33 am on September 13th

bunniesrock writes: I am horrified at your suggestion of eating rabbit. I hope you read the multiple comments posted here at why eating them is unacceptable, and reconsider not putting them in a cookbook. Posted: 8:20 pm on September 12th

icare4bunnies writes: I would never consider rabbits as food. When I look at cookbooks to buy, I immediately look at the index in the back for rabbit. Cookbooks that contain rabbit recipes go back on the shelf. End of story. Posted: 7:29 pm on September 12th

Doctor_Coochie writes: From the sounds of it, there are plenty of recipes out there, so none are needed in FC now. Posted: 5:05 pm on September 12th

Momtobunnies writes: My understanding is the trend now is away from meat, it is healthier for folks not to eat meat at all. I would suggest you at Fine Cooking be responsible and come up with recipes which follow that trend. Surely the same nutrients can be obtained from other sources. Posted: 3:31 pm on September 12th

RobertarabbitBurns writes: We raise rabbits for meat and fur and believe in being as self sufficiant as possible. I have so many recipes that I have developed and shared that I feel that you MUST offer rabbit recipes. Posted: 3:00 pm on September 12th

Momtobunnies writes: No, please do not offer any recipes for rabbit! Posted: 9:14 pm on September 11th

Darth_Sidious writes: NO, I do not wish to see any rabbit recipes. Posted: 11:13 am on September 11th

Laume78 writes: I have to put in a no vote. No, I don't want to see any rabbit recipes. Posted: 10:51 am on September 11th

ali210 writes: I'm always surprised to see rabbit as a meat option. Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the U.S. behind dogs and cats, so why are they on the menu? Seeing recipes for rabbit on your site would be very disappointing to me, to say the least. Posted: 2:57 am on September 11th

prorabbitmeat writes: Yes Please put up some Rabbit Recipes. Thank you. Posted: 11:17 pm on September 10th

Kimwit writes: I would NOT like to see rabbit recipes. Please don't encourage this! Posted: 4:38 pm on September 10th

Elabia writes: I live in a rural part of Oregon. I really haven't looked for it in the grocery stores here. I got a tip off the web to soak the meat overnight then to boil it for two hours or untill it is tender. Then it can be used like chicken or in some french recipes. One i tried with tomatos and chips/french fries. My son ate it all before i could have more than one bite. It was prety good. Posted: 1:50 pm on September 10th

Bunnylover1991 writes: No, I would never eat rabbit. I own two. Posted: 12:53 pm on September 10th

AdrianZ writes: NO rabbit recipes! We eat too many animals causing human health problems, resource depletion, pollution and myriad other issues. Posted: 12:52 pm on September 10th

cookbookdiva writes: Emphatically, YES. Rabbit is good eating! I wish I had more recipes for it. I say bring on the recipes! Posted: 12:32 pm on September 10th

Elabia writes: Yes i would like to see more rabbit recipes. It is part of my heritage. Posted: 12:13 pm on September 10th

rabbitfarmer writes: I would love recipes since right now all I use is recipes for chicken and just substitute rabbit. Posted: 12:13 pm on September 10th

KristiM writes: I am not a vegetarian but please, no rabbit recipes. Posted: 10:51 am on September 10th

kaybay writes: I eat meat. I love FC magazine.
I use to work as a chef - I have cooked and eaten rabbit in the past. It was good but, I would rather eat chicken or goat.
However, I now live with 2 wonderful House rabbits. I just can NOT bring myself to cook or eat rabbit anymore.
Therefor, I would prefer FC not have recipes for rabbit. I too would instead prefer more vegetarian, grain and bean recipes. Posted: 10:35 am on September 10th

klucas writes: I would love to see you diversify into rabbit recipes. We raise our own and have been sticking to tried and true recipes, but new ones would be more than welcome. It is hard to find in the grocery stores here. Specialty meat markets usually carry it. Please include recipes for rabbit in your selections.
Kathy Posted: 7:39 am on September 10th

HighlandRabbits writes: We would love to see more Rabbit Recipes.

Posted: 10:33 pm on September 9th

dreamcatcher15 writes: Post those recipes! Domestic rabbit (USA) is a great source of protien that is much healthier that your average commercially raised chicken, steer, or pig. I would love to see some barbeque recipes and possibly a rabbit sausage recipe as well. Posted: 10:10 pm on September 9th

catwoman4 writes: I have changed my diet radically over the years and now concentrate on healthier options that include many meatless meals. Posted: 9:49 pm on September 9th

Mapi writes: I am from Spain, where rabbit is considered another type of game. It will be great to find in finecooking some recipes feauring it!
I love the delicate flavor and tenderness of the meat when properly cooked. We do have a pretty extensive number of recipes. One of my favorites includes red pepper, garlic, onion, tomato and potatoes, all with some herbs and white wine....yummy!
Posted: 9:03 pm on September 9th

VickiLW60 writes: I grow my own rabbits for our table. My whole family loves it. I have 9 in the freezer right now and another 5 growing out to be butchered in about 10 weeks. More recipes would be great. I do own the ARBA cookbook (The "old" one, but there is a new one), It is a great source for recipes. I vote YES to rabbit recipes. Posted: 8:43 pm on September 9th

becca1066 writes: YES!!! More rabbit recipes, rabbit is delicious, very healthy, and more and more available (we raise our own)

and if you dont like the idea of eating rabbit, dont eat it. Posted: 7:34 pm on September 9th

cottinpickinrabbits writes: Bring them on. Publix carries rabbit here in our area but expensive. We raise out own and just love it.Very healthy meat.They are very versitle animals. Posted: 5:54 pm on September 9th

Showrabbits writes: I would love to see more rabbit recipes!
I raise my own rabbits for meat and usually have a good supply in my freezer..and always more on the way in my rabbitry.
My favorite ways to eat rabbit meat is BBQ'd as a shishkebab and then served in a pita wrap with tomatoes, sweet onion, green pepper, cukes and tsadziki. My kids love sweet and sour rabbit over rice.
I've seen it in the grocery store, but it is usually far too expensive for the average family buyer. The ones I saw had been imported from across the country. It was also packaged in a way that made it look not very appealing. As a first time buyer, I would have been turned off by the appearance.
I have found that deboning the rabbit is a good way to introduce first timers to this great meat.

Posted: 5:09 pm on September 9th

Tuwamare writes: Rabbit is a great source of food. Domestic rabbit is all white meat. It is easily digestible and is perfect for those on special diets such as those with heart conditions or other health issues. All that being said, I have raised rabbits for over 10 years. Yes, we eat some. Some are also special pets. Posted: 4:57 pm on September 9th

Sugee writes: I raise rabbits, and yes some of them go into the freezer. They are a wonderful meat, the healthiest around in fact. So I'd LOVE to see you focus some recipes that direction. We eat rabbit at least once a week at our house and are always looking for interesting ways to serve it up. Particularly nice would be some recipes that play to rabbit's uniqueness rather than just a substitute for chicken. Posted: 3:09 pm on September 9th

CritterNanny writes: I have begun raising rabbits for myself and would love to have more recipes. It feels great to raise my own meat and poultry and know it had a good life and respectful, gentle death. Looking forward for may ways to put it on the table. Posted: 2:37 pm on September 9th

LewBest writes: I'm just starting to raise meat rabbits; would like to see recipes for sure! I'm near Waco, TX; onsure if available in stores. Posted: 12:48 pm on September 9th

Meatrabbits4All writes: Rabbit is AWESOME! I've raised rabbit for over 20 years and only started actually eating what I produce in the last few. Sure wish I'd done it earlier, it's great stuff and very unique. Words of advice? Moist and slow cooking is the way to go for the absolute best in flavor and delight.

To find rabbit in your area, the best starting place is the local University Agricultural Extension office. They run the 4-H programs, and can get you connected to those who raise rabbits near you. Failing that, go to the American Rabbit Breeders Association ( and ask, or go to the Meatrabbits group on and ask.
In other places, you can find it, usually frozen, in the supermarket--ask the meat department folks and they'll usually know. If not, check the people who run the frozen foods, over by the duck, quail, and other lesser-seen meats.
The lower-priced rabbit in stores is usually from China; I do not recommend this as a good option for many reasons (not least of which is to buy local!), so ask your meat department to get local rabbit if you can. Absolutely I want to see rabbit recipes on FineCooking!!

Posted: 10:27 am on September 9th

JavaWife writes: Please do not even consider this. Posted: 9:53 am on September 9th

bunwillow writes: Rabbit meat is freely available to buy here, much to my utter dismay!
Posted: 2:29 am on September 9th

rabbi2d writes: I know many folks have no aversion to rabbit but my pet rabbits and I would appreciate you giving this one a pass. Thanks. Posted: 2:20 am on September 9th

PixiePastry writes: I bet I'd be hard pressed to find it in PC CA but I sure try. Hubby loves it but I've never had it. Gimme some recipes please. Posted: 3:35 pm on September 7th

Pielove writes: We can get frozen whole rabbits in my local store here in Chicago. I love rabbit-- I had the best braised rabbit in (of all places) my college cafeteria, many years ago. Yum! Posted: 9:03 pm on September 5th

Caerphilly3003 writes: I was raised in Toronto and we could always find fresh rabbit at the St Lawrence market, since moving to Vancouver Island I haven't had any....but oddly hundreds of them populate every Campus and Hospital property, even the Airport.
My favourite way to cook them is covered/baking with Canned whole tomatoes, and a bottle of beer, sprinkled with whole mustard weeds and green peppercorns...exquiste served over Wild rice......little kidneys were fought over in our house. Posted: 12:55 pm on September 5th

StanleyI writes: I love rabbit and there are a number of inderpendent food stores that sell rabbit, unfortunately it is usually frozen and cut-up as well. I think that it would be interesting to see more recipes. And I agree with many of the other contributors that it is too expensive to have more then once in a while. There is only one restauant in my area that offers rabbit as an entre choice. Posted: 3:34 pm on September 4th

Oonagh writes: Growing up in London I was able to buy boneless rabbit chunks and then we shot many rabbits on my cousins farm in Ireland. As cucinag said, In NH we can't easily get rabbit. I have bought it at Healthy Buffalo in Concord, NH but it was about $15 for a small rabbit and that's not much meat. In France of course, we would eat rabbit in mustard, it's great braised in hard cider, or cooked like a fricassee. Posted: 3:07 pm on September 4th

lissak2 writes: I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO TRY RABBIT. It's expensive in the restauraunts, so the best option is to make it at home. If fine cooking does an issue with rabbit, I know I'll get a recipe from a great source! I live in Houston and can get frozen rabbit at central market or whole foods. Posted: 12:04 pm on September 4th

Obeam writes: I've hunted rabbit most of my life (in south mississippi),and I think it makes a great meal.I would'nt mind a few more recipes. Posted: 11:48 am on September 4th

FrankZ writes: Would love rabbit recipes. I haven't seen it in local stores yet, but it'll come. When we go to southern France the first dish we make is usually Lapin au Moutarde. Posted: 10:08 am on September 4th

DooDMC writes: Here in upstate NY, rabbit is usually available (frozen) at Wegman's supermarkets. Don't know about their other stores (PA, MD, VA, ??). I add it to my "game" dinners - venison, duck, pheasant. Posted: 10:07 am on September 4th

MarkP_HLN writes: Locally and safely produced foods are more important than ever. And "Locally Produced" meat is far better than an unknown product wrapped in plastic.

I've killed and butchered rabbit from our garden, and it was delicious. I've used it in a cacciatore, and gave some to a friend to make into an African style stew. I'd like to see recipes for rabbit and other common game animals.

Posted: 9:05 am on September 4th

CapeCodBeachGirl writes: I could never eat rabbit. There are plenty of other choices and I would not be interested in rabbit recipes. Although I am not a vegetarian, I agree with Sheri that I would prefer the focus on fresh seasonal ingredients. Posted: 8:08 am on September 4th

milioti writes: We really enjoy rabbit, and would love to see rabbit recipes. It's delicious with pasta, in stews and braised. Although it's available here in NYC at selected markets, I've always been able to get it by ordering online through purveyors like D'Artagnan.
Posted: 7:29 am on September 4th

Geano writes: Hi CucinaG Rabbit with pasta! Wow I never thought of that one but it sounds delicious. How about sharing a recipe? Who knows? It might become a fall classic at our house too. Posted: 7:03 am on September 4th

tomfodw writes: I'd love some rabbit recipes. Only question - where do you find rabbit to cook? Thanks. Posted: 6:51 pm on September 3rd

rusvet writes: Great idea! Even if its hard for some people to let the disney image out of their head, the reality is - its great meat with great flavor. I would love to see recipes and how-to instructions on how to cook rabbit meat in Fine Cooking. Now i need to do more research on where to buy it in the Seattle area. Posted: 6:11 pm on September 3rd

CucinaG writes: I love rabbit ever since having it in Italy where it is as ubiquitous as chicken is here. Making great pasta with rabbit is a rite of Autumn around our house. I can find it in specialty markets but not my regular grocery store. (I live about 30 minutes north of Boston in MA.) The only downside I find is that a small whole rabbit can cost upwards of $18. Perhaps if enough of us start buying it the price will come down a bit. Posted: 5:15 pm on September 3rd

DJ writes: Frozen rabbit is available in one of the local markets, in the upper Midwest.
One of the best things we've ever tasted was rabbit in dried fruit sauce at Jaleo in Washington DC.
Rabbit recipes would help broaden the meat choices available-lessen dependence on beef and pork.

Yes to rabbit recipes! Posted: 4:59 pm on September 3rd

kathleenjansen writes: My brother-in-law just made pasta with pork belly and rabbit, it was awesome! I also love his cassoulet with rabbit. I would love some recipes using rabbit and maybe I can wow him with a really good rabbit meal...he is the chef at the four season's in philadelphia so I need some really good recipes pleeeease! Posted: 4:52 pm on September 3rd

beret65 writes: I enjoy cooking rabbit and can get fesh ones from two local organic sources. I have traveled in France where there are many dishes made with rabbit meat. For my wine club, i once bought four rabbits and made three different dishes for 16 people. Everybody who attended raved, although some who were invited refused to attend. Posted: 4:49 pm on September 3rd

tjack writes: We have just started to raise rabbits for meat on our farm. I have eaten the meat often and find it outstanding. We'd very much like to seem some new recipes.
tj Posted: 4:36 pm on September 3rd

Maryford writes: I used to live in semi-rural Wisconsin and my local grocery store carried fresh rabbit. I usually used a Biba Caggiano recipe that is amazingly good. I can get it here (semi-rural Florida)but it is frozen and rather expensive. But I'd love to see some more recipes. Go for it! Posted: 3:50 pm on September 3rd

katebreck writes: Yes, please do some rabbit recipes. I can get it in Kansas City at my local grocery, sometimes fresh and always frozen. Posted: 3:43 pm on September 3rd

hankli writes: My mom grew up on a farm in Switzerland and would eat rabbit often. When she could find rabbit here, she loved to make it. It is a great addition to the table - I'd love to see more recipes. Posted: 3:20 pm on September 3rd

wickbett writes: I'm not interested in cooking or eating rabbit...

Generally speaking as a society we are eating more local, seasonal and healthy food and less red meat etc. Although I'm not a vegetarian I wodl really appreciate more recipes for vegetarians and vegans. Posted: 3:16 pm on September 3rd

Linda_Mc writes: Yes, please, re rabbit recipes! I get rabbit from my farmers' market in Washington DC. I usually braise it in white wine, tomatoes, and herbs and serve it with polenta, but am always looking for new ideas. Posted: 3:09 pm on September 3rd

Bobbie48 writes: I would never eat rabbit or deer. Posted: 3:04 pm on September 3rd

Judes writes: I LOVE rabbit. I have a wonderful traditional Greek Rabbit Stew (Lagos Sitfado) recipe as well as the traditional Hasenpfeffer. I would love to find different cooking methods other than the stew.

Judes Posted: 3:00 pm on September 3rd

najjer writes: I love rabbit - live in Toronto but have a few great butchers who supply game. Would love to see some rabbit recipes in Fine Cooking - have a great recipe for rabbit braised in cider, would like some alternatives! Posted: 4:13 pm on September 1st

SophyB writes: Rabbit is the best! I would love to see a good recipe for it in FC. Posted: 4:08 pm on August 31st

bottled_livefire writes: The Missouri Department Of Conservation published "Cy Littlebee's Guide To Cooking Fish & Game", copyright 1981. There are recipes for Baked Rabbit (6 recipes), Jugged Rabbit, Braised Rabbit, Rabbit Pot Roast, Fried Rabbit, Rabbit Stew, Hasenpfeffer, and BBQ rabbit (2 recipes), and more. I wonder how a "Cheater Pulled Pork" (cooked in a slow cooker) recipe would work with rabbit? Posted: 10:32 pm on August 29th

Marcy3pu writes: I can't say that I'm a fan of rabbit because the only places that I've had rabbit was with people who said they knew how to cook it and didn't. Eeww! Tough as whit leather. So pretty much after that I've stayed away from that source of protein. On the other hand I'm not adverse to an exceptional recipie. Posted: 9:12 pm on August 29th

Audrey writes: I haven't had rabbit in years. My Mom sometimes would use it during WWII when other meats weren't available and usually cooked it up like chicken 'n dumplings (if she had flour). I live in Orange County, CA and I haven't seen fresh rabbit for sale in any of our markets. I hate to be negative but if getting it will be a big problem I probably won't be interested in recipes for its preparation. Posted: 7:14 pm on August 29th

Lazs_Wench writes: Let's go for it, starting with "tried and true" recipes from vintage cookbooks and Grandma's (or great-Grandma's) kitchens...starting with Fannie Farmer's 11th edition, and seeing what we can do to update her methods to suit modern tastes.
Posted: 5:32 pm on August 29th

rose_girl72 writes: My brother in law hunts rabbits every winter so I have a ready supply of rabbit meat - I prefer the boneless chunks that he does, while my husband prefers the whole rabbit. I would love to see some recipes for rabbit - all I really do now is a basic stew, but would like to learn some new tricks for this meat.

p.s What about other wild game such as moose or cariboo? Posted: 5:26 pm on August 29th

altoid writes: We both love rabbit, in fact this morning I watched in horror as it chewed on my black eyed husband has a gun so price would be reasoable! Could you give me some information on how to skin a rabbit and yes we would love recipes. We live in Highlands, N. Carolina about 4500 ft. altitude Posted: 2:17 pm on August 29th

fluffernutter writes: We love rabbit for the reasons Jane cited -- it's moist and more flavorful than chicken. I can find it cut into fryer pieces in some supermarkets, but there's no reliable source for whole frozen. Silver Palate has a wonderful Rabbit with Chartreuse recipe that I've permutated endlessly. Same goes for Joy of Cooking's rabbit fricassee.
Posted: 10:24 am on August 29th

Song4Him writes: Our friend grows and sells rabbit... it is frozen when i get it. We live in a small town at the outskirts of Oklahoma City. I have eaten it fried when I was at home...but not in 40 yes recipes would be good... there are two rabbits in my freezer now. Posted: 2:16 pm on August 28th

jane writes: I find that I have to go to magazines in more ethnic places like Toronto, to get such recipes. I think the FC audience would be open to 'other' protein like rabbit....and I'm sure coming from the FC test kitchen, it'll taste great. Not like you need a tip but my Mom's rabbit was always moist and tender - she would sear it then braise it low and slow with wine and stock and various other flavorings of course. I look forward to seeing the recipes :) Posted: 12:10 pm on August 28th

jane writes: I'd love to see more rabbit recipes in Fine Cooking. I grew up eating rabbit once a week. It is MUCH better than chicken - moist, tender and has a lot more flavor and is healthy. For me, it's all about taste and rabbit makes chicken seem weak and tasteless in comparison. So yes, please please please include more rabbit recipes. Posted: 12:02 pm on August 28th

Sheri writes: Ew. I'm not a vegetarian, but I'd love to see more vegetarian (using fresh/seasonal) recipes. And also recipes with more grains and beans. Posted: 11:24 pm on August 27th

CrackerCat writes: Rabbit is one of my favorite ingredients, but it is hard to find in Asheville NC. If rabbit meat is in the local markets it is frozen. There is one local producer selling fresh rabbit meat mainly to restaurants but will sell 1-2 rabbit at his farm to retail customers. I'm definitely interested in recipes using rabbit meat. Posted: 9:14 pm on August 27th

Anne99 writes: I've had rabbit just a few times (mostly in restaurants, but once at home)and I love it. It's available frozen in a couple of the high-end grocery stores here in Austin, but it's pretty expensive. It is something I would splash out on once in a while, though. I would love to see some rabbit recipes in fine cooking. Posted: 6:48 pm on August 27th

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