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Video: How to Grill Corn on the Cob

Produced by: Sarah Breckenridge; videography by: Gary Junken and Mike Dobsevage

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APonKP writes: I can't view the video but I agree with wlundycan that the silks do not have to be removed before grilling. They slip off easily afterwards.
Posted: 6:57 pm on July 9th

wlundycan writes: I have been grilling my corn this way for the past several years: it works great, involves minimal prep, and there's no great pot of water to worry about. I do not, though, remove my silks prior to cooking: once the outermost layers of husk have been removed, I twist off the silk end and leave the rest. When the corn has cooked, and I peel off the husks, most if not all of the silk comes off with the husk. Any few remaining strands curl up and are quickly removed. Also, as the season winds down, I'll purchase a few dozen cobs, grill them, then remove the kernels and bag for freezing. Great to have grilled corn in a corn chowder in a cold January day! Posted: 9:10 pm on September 16th

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