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Gingerbread City 2009 - The Greatest Stories Ever Told

By Denise Jones, member

October 7th, 2009

We're at it again!  This was our Gingerbread entry, "Brownstones & Batali," for last year's San Diego Epilepsy Foundation Gingerbread City 2008 competition.  It featured a row of brownstones on one side, Mario Batali's BABBO NYC restaurant on the other side, Mario Batali's Italian Wine Merchants on one end, and The Village Florist on the other end. 

This year, twenty gingerbread artists, designers, and chefs have been invited to create gingerbread structures according to this year's theme, The Greatest Stories Ever Told.  John and I chose Wizard of Oz and we are featuring a weekly blog post on There's a Newf in My Soup, showing our progress.  The gingerbread creations will be auctioned off at the Charity Gala on December 1.  We hope you'll come visit our blog during the next 7 weeks as we journey down the yellow brick road!

Recipe Used: My own design - The Wizard of Oz, in Gingerbread

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Comments (3)

Pielove writes: Hey Denise! Cool, I will look for your pear recipe on the Daring Bakers-- their stuff looks great, but a lot of work! I have been cooking a lot from the latest issue of FC (#101)-- I may "Cook the Issue" on this one, everything looks so yummy. Anyone interested in joining me? Posted: 8:46 pm on October 8th

legalcat writes: Hi Pie!
Oh, how I miss the crew who participated in the Cook the Issue Challenge! That was so fun! Our Brownstones & Batali was big - about 3 feet long x 2 feet high x 1 foot wide, not including the sidewalks. We found out about the competition late and only had about 6 weeks total to plan and complete the structure. We wanted to do so much more detail, with trees along the sidewalk, etc., but just ran out of time. We're hoping to give ourselves at least 3-4 weeks for all the details we have envisioned for our Land of Oz! Denise Posted: 11:20 pm on October 7th

Pielove writes: Denise, that is gorgeous-- a Project indeed. I can't wait to see what you come up with this year. Don't forget to include a ruler or some other indication of scale-- I can't tell how big these things really are.
Posted: 9:11 pm on October 7th

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