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Fine Cooking Live at the Chocolate Show

 Read our editors' report on a few interesting finds, including milk-chocolate camels made from camels' milk.

Calling all chocoholics: Friday and Saturday, October 30 and 31, 2009, Fine Cooking is streaming live video from The Chocolate Show in New York City. We'll bring you cooking demos from the likes of Jacques Torres, François Payard, and our own contributing editor, Abigail Johnson Dodge. See below for the full schedule and view the kick off to the show with Abby Dodge.

Plus, we're giving away copies of our latest cookbook, Absolutely Chocolate. To be eligible for the drawing, just post a comment below; we'll randomly choose five winners at the end of each day. Learn more about the cookbook-and what our editors are dying to make from it-in our latest blog.

Absolutely Chocolate

Friday's Update: Congratulations to our first handful of Absolutely Chocolate book winners: Jayeno, French_Cook, susanacampana, Jean, and Boscompb. Thanks for watching our coverage of the Chocolate Show and for posting a comment.

Saturday's Update: We've wrapped up our coverage of the Chocolate Show. Thanks for watching. Today's lucky book winners were mjmiller, sistarefuge007, mariocat, Carolyn2950, and MaryMcChocolate (gotta love the name). Congratulations, folks. Enjoy Absolutely Chocolate.

A huge thank you to everyone who watched our stream and left a comment!

The Chocolate Show Demo Schedule


1:30 pm Abigail Johnson Dodge, Fine Cooking
Chocolate Truffle Tart with Whipped Mascarpone Topping
Brownie Cream Cheese Bites

2:30 pm Regional Chocolates of Italy (Maglio, De Bondt, and Gobino)

3:30 pm Annabel Layug, The Modern

4:30 pm Karen DeMasco, Locanda Verde
Chocolate Cake Doughnuts with Chocolate Crackle Glaze

5:30 pm Beth Kimmerle, Author and Candy Historian
Spooky Chocolate Halloween Treats



10:00 am (New. . .just added) Joëlle Mahoney, Chocolaterie Maya
Chocolate Frames for Every Occasion

12:00 noon Nick Malgieri, Institute of Culinary Education
Chocolate Eminence

1:00 pm Jeff Shepherd, Lillie Belle Farms
Voodoo Bunnies

2:00 pm François Payard, Payard Bistro & Patisserie
Update: We're sorry to report that François has canceled his demo.

2:00 pm (New. . .just added) Patrick Coston, 2 Chicks with Chocolate
How to Taste Chocolate

3:00 pm Lee Zalben, Peanut Butter & Co.
Quick & Easy Chicken Mole and other shortcut peanut butter-chocolate recipes

4:00 pm Jacques Torres, Jacques Torres Chocolate


No, we won't be streaming it. But if you're lucky enough to actually be at the show, stop by and say hi to Fine Cooking editor, Laurie Buckle on Sunday at 11am and 3pm in the event's Barnes & Noble bookstore.

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Comments (117)

robyne writes: I love chocolate and anything chocolate related. Thanks for the wonderful and informative videos. Posted: 8:01 pm on November 17th

cacaonut writes: Oooooooh . . . chocolate, food of the gods! More than willing to try out that new cookbook! Thanks for the info! Posted: 9:55 am on November 3rd

2Tamara writes: Thank you for this demo. Tons of great info!!! Can't wait to try out these tips with the holidays coming up. Excited to share these demos with my friends. Posted: 9:00 am on November 1st

nadiam1000 writes: This is great to be able to watch some of the demos- I always wanted to attend- maybe next year. A great learning experience about one of my favorite foods. Posted: 5:13 am on November 1st

yeven writes: What a treat to be able to view these presentations! Posted: 1:42 am on November 1st

Truffles4U writes: Jacques Torres was fabulous - wonderful ideas he gave and I loved the castle! Thank you!! Posted: 7:47 pm on October 31st

seagate writes: great way to learn about a variety of fine italian chocolates Posted: 6:16 pm on October 31st

laurel2009 writes: Mmmm, chocolate. I can't wait for the smellovision! Or the voodoo bunnies! :) Posted: 5:55 pm on October 31st

2cooks writes: This is just the best! Almost like being there! A great way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon. Posted: 4:17 pm on October 31st

GryS writes: I was able to watch the peanut butter demo live. Makes my mouth water!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the demos on demand. Posted: 4:00 pm on October 31st

evelyn writes: I think it's a great idea having this show on is great to be able to see chocolate being used in savoury interpretations. Posted: 3:38 pm on October 31st

mariocat writes: Again thank you for making it possible for those of us who are out of town to attend this show. I am loving the demos. The cookbook would just be the icing on the chocolate cake. Posted: 2:47 pm on October 31st

mjmiller writes: Happy Halloween and thanks for sharing the chocolate show. What a great way to "be there", without really "being there." Posted: 2:38 pm on October 31st

Carolyn2950 writes: This is sooo great!!! So much fun and informative, plus the live stream thing is fantastic. I am currently in school to be a pastry chef so this is amazing. Chocolate and sugar is my next class. Posted: 2:36 pm on October 31st

Cotten writes: This is wonderful information. I love listening to all the experts. And I would never turn down chocolate! Posted: 2:23 pm on October 31st

arlene29 writes: I wish I were there. The chocolate cookbook would help though! Posted: 1:25 pm on October 31st

raitken_fcweb writes: These VooDoo Bunnies are sick! (You know, sick in the best possible way). I want one. Or two. Posted: 1:20 pm on October 31st

Lviverito writes: I really wish I had been able to attend, but it is a little far from Tonawanda NY. But a Chocolate Cookbook would be great. And so is the video. Posted: 1:04 pm on October 31st

MaryMcChocolate writes: This is great. I felt like the luckiest person in the world when I got to attend the show a few years ago. Since I can't be there this weekend this is the next best thing. Thanks for making this possible. Posted: 12:56 pm on October 31st

sbreckenridge writes: Hi everyone,
We had some technical problems with the feed in Nick Malgieri's demo, so we're not adding it to the playback lineup just yet. However, we also recorded the demo, and we'll be uploading it for playback later tonight. Posted: 12:45 pm on October 31st

sad3 writes: Fun !! What could be better than Chocolate in the morning! Posted: 12:14 pm on October 31st

raitken_fcweb writes: We're sorry to report that François Payard has canceled his demo. But, get your taste buds ready; we’ll stream Patrick Coston’s (from 2 Chicks with Chocolate) demo, “How to Taste Chocolate” instead. Posted: 12:12 pm on October 31st

Truffles4U writes: I LOVE that we can see the demonstrations! Thank you, thank you! It would be SO much better to attend, but this is the next best thing - wonderful! I'm going to break out my chocolate tempering unit and start playing this afternoon! Posted: 12:00 pm on October 31st

hithere writes: Thank you; Delicioso! Posted: 11:54 am on October 31st

monasmagic writes: What fun setting and watching wonderful things happen with choc. even though you can't be there. Thanks Posted: 11:12 am on October 31st

lovechoc writes: What a great concept! Allows those of us out of town to participate. Thanks! Posted: 10:50 am on October 31st

dine writes: I look forward to the demonstrations today since I love baking with chocolate. I look forward to learning new techniques and getting helpful hints. Posted: 10:05 am on October 31st

Creesy writes: I wish I could participate in watching the demos but
I'm a half a world away living in Saudi Arabia. Sadly, there's a time difference. Perhaps the recipes from the
demo will be posted on fine cooking's website? I love baking with chocolate! Posted: 10:00 am on October 31st

AlexandriaC writes: What a great idea!!! One of my first cookbooks was Nick Malgieri's Chocolate Book which has many a cocoa-dusted page on it now. I am so excited to know this is going on.
Thanks for making Halloween even more chocolate-filled! Posted: 9:34 am on October 31st

motes writes: Thank you for such a great Halloween treat. I wish I could be there in person. Posted: 9:29 am on October 31st

jrmac724 writes: I Love all things Chocolate, and look forward to making recipes out of Absolutely Chocolate. Posted: 9:27 am on October 31st

motes writes: What a wonderful Halloween treat. The only thing better would be to be there in person. Many thanks for bringing this to us. Posted: 9:26 am on October 31st

sistarefuge007 writes: Sarah, Chocolate is so wonderful on all kinds of foods.The Chocolate Show Live Demo was very rewarding,Thanks to all of you!!!! Posted: 9:24 am on October 31st

sistarefuge007 writes: Sarah, Chocolate is so wonderful on all kinds of foods.The Chocolate Show Live Demo was very rewarding,Thanks to all of you!!!! Posted: 9:22 am on October 31st

Cher7 writes: Thanks for this event! Chocolate and Halloween... what could be better... well except maybe Chocolate and Christmas. cheers! Posted: 9:13 am on October 31st

jmdoyle writes: The Chocolate Truffle Tart is a grown-up version of the Chocolate Pudding Pie I enjoyed while growing up. Mom would make the chocolate podding and we would get to lick the wooden spoon after she had filled the pie shells. Thank you for showing us this more sophisticated version of one of my favorite desserts. Posted: 9:08 am on October 31st

evelyn writes: These cooking demonstrations are such a great idea. Enjoyed watching Abigail Johnson Dodge yesterday. I am SO looking forward to todya's demonstrations. Being in Greece, I often feel 'out of the loop', and thoroughly enjoy taking advantage of events like this. Today's (Saturday's) line-up is incredible and I can't wait to enjoy the sessions. Thank you so much for organizing this. :-) Posted: 3:31 am on October 31st

MichalG writes: Thank you so much for streaming the demonstrations on the web so we can all enjoy! I'm looking forward to Saturday's lineup and more good ideas. Posted: 12:10 am on October 31st

marleyboo writes: This is fantastic. I love cooking video's and who does not love chocolate. I look forward to viewing the videos this week-end. Thanks for providing this fore those of us who cannot be their. Posted: 10:22 pm on October 30th

raitken_fcweb writes: Thanks to everyone who watched the show today (and those of you who are are watching now, thanks to the "On Demand" button in the player). We appreciate your comments as well. I'll meet you back here Saturday for more of the best stuff on Earth. Posted: 9:50 pm on October 30th

flamingredd writes: Oo! Jacques Torres, Nick Malgieri, and François Payard!!

I can't wait to watch these three, in particular, but I'm sure that ALL of the demos are great.

Thanks for streaming these!

And "Absolutely Chocolate" looks fabulous -- I love learning more about the ingredients I'm using, and why they do what they do, especially chocolate, since there are so many options available....But then again, I just love chocolate! Posted: 9:35 pm on October 30th

Weena writes: This is a wonderful opportunity for those of us who cannot attend to see some real pros in action. Thank you! Posted: 8:55 pm on October 30th

bilden writes: I've really enjoyed the demos and look forward to trying some of the recipes. Posted: 8:38 pm on October 30th

MootsieTootsie writes: Nothing better than chocolate! Chocolate is my life! Posted: 8:26 pm on October 30th

elvia writes: Excellent, I really enjoy the chocolate class, I improve my english and I feel like a culinary pupil I always buy the magazine, I'm from Mexico City Posted: 8:24 pm on October 30th

JEANMARIE writes: You definitly need smell a vision cant wait to watch Nick Malageri Posted: 8:15 pm on October 30th

Pascall writes: Oups... I just licked the computer screen!!!! Posted: 8:06 pm on October 30th

crhummingbird writes: I wish the email had been advertized in advance. Posted: 7:44 pm on October 30th

PiePie writes: I hope they'll pass on that chocolate doughnut recipe! mmmmmm.....chocolate... Posted: 7:15 pm on October 30th

persephony4 writes: I wish I would have know sooner!! I could go see it live! Posted: 7:07 pm on October 30th

Boscompb writes: To win this book, and watch these live events from the Chocolate Show in NYC, would be a dream come true. I've spent most of my professional career in the chocolate industry, and while I can't attend the show in NYC, being able to stream it live is the second best thing. The best thing of all would be to win this incredible book. Posted: 6:43 pm on October 30th

Judy/AZ writes: This is fantastic! I've never watched anything like this - very informative. I find chocolate difficult to work with, but this video has explained everything and I'm ready to try some of this myself. Thank you for boosting my confidence! Posted: 6:28 pm on October 30th

dwormanc writes: This has been a wonderful experience in the field of chocolate preparation and completion. The end results are phenomenal. I have always loved to prepare chocolate desserts,today I have learned very unique recipes which will help me improve from my traditional brownies, chocolate cakes, chocolate chip cookies. The recipes learned today have a more up to date twist to baking with chocolate. Thank you for this wonderful day of enjoying chocolate!!
dwormanc Posted: 6:03 pm on October 30th

jillybean43 writes: I am so excited to sit and watch all the demos. Oh how I would love to be in NY and be part of the live audience. Chocolate is the best thing, it is my all time comfort food. Posted: 5:01 pm on October 30th

ChestnutCabinCook writes: Thank you very much for hosting the Live at the Chocolate Show demonstrations! I watched Abigal Dodge's presentation on preparing the chocolate truffle tart and found her session easy to follow and encouraging. I particularly benefited from her suggestions to "engage my senses" while baking and to experiment with alternate or substitute flavors, such a coffee, lime, almond, cinnamon, etc. Thanks again! Posted: 4:56 pm on October 30th

katcincinnati writes: This is wonderful. Thank you for allowing us to watch the chocolate show live.I have learned so much already and it is only Friday afternoon. Can't wait until tomorrow. Posted: 4:54 pm on October 30th

Bet123 writes: mmmmmmmm donuts. Great show, Thanks. Posted: 4:54 pm on October 30th

Lohm writes: Annabel Layug from The Modern shared some great ideas about making ganache. She also showed me an easy way to fill a pastry bag. Thanks for bring the Chocolate Show to those of us who don't live in the east. Posted: 4:50 pm on October 30th

mirrohero writes: Now that I have diabetes anytime I can get chocolate is a treasured moment. I appreciate the luxery more now than ever. Thank you for the offer. Jelaine Posted: 4:35 pm on October 30th

Lohm writes: While watching Annabel Layug from The Modern not only did I learn a number of techniques about making ganache, she also demonstrated the easy way to fill a pastry bag. Thank you for giving those of us who don't live in the east an opportunity to be part of the Chocolate Show.

Posted: 4:19 pm on October 30th

French_Cook writes: What a great idea. I love the live feed from the The Chocolate Show. I have been recieving your magazines from the beginning and I have cooked many wonderful meal using them. I want to get the DVD and I'm hopping in the next few months I can get it. Fine Cooking is truly the best cooking magazine out there. Less ads and a lot more cooking. Your recipes always come out like the photos. This is a nice opportunity to thank for so many years of GOOD recipes and wonderful information about this thing I love to do,food. Posted: 4:18 pm on October 30th

chefibp writes: My first time to watch a live video. Excellent - like everything you do. Posted: 4:16 pm on October 30th

MWehinger writes: I feel like I'm at the show. Thanks for the AWESOME videos... You got to LOVE modern technology.
Posted: 4:06 pm on October 30th

mariocat writes: Sorry I missed the earlier sessions. I will definitely watch the full Saturday line-up and the rest of Friday. This is great for someone who is out of town and unable to attend the show. Thanks! Posted: 3:58 pm on October 30th

MaineFlavor writes: I really appreciate the clear audio in Annabel Layug's presentation! The one just before that had such poor quality audio that combined with the tense nature of the presenting cook to make it very difficult to continue watching the demo! Posted: 3:53 pm on October 30th

busterchops writes: Chocolate 24/7. Finally, signs of progress in the 21st century. Posted: 3:50 pm on October 30th

S0NDRA writes: Good way to start the weekend!! Chocolate!! Yum...thanks for streaming live!! Posted: 3:49 pm on October 30th

SMColdice writes: Ihave an easier time when to learn when I see the process. Thank you for showing your live shows. They are interesting! Posted: 3:43 pm on October 30th

debbie913 writes: This is absolutely awesome! I do not live near any major towns and miss opportunities to see exhibits such as this. Posted: 3:38 pm on October 30th

pwj writes: This is a great idea! look forward to having time to watch more in future. This is a great way to learn, and broaden one's skills. Thanks much! Posted: 3:37 pm on October 30th

akg writes: Looks to be a terrific lineup! I'm eager to spend some time learning more about chocolate. Wish I were in NY for this! Thanks for streaming it! Posted: 3:26 pm on October 30th

patfar writes: Love it!
been following Jacques Torres since back before he did PBS series. Can't wait to watch him at work again. Posted: 3:22 pm on October 30th

susanacampana writes: What a shame I have to leave for work this afternoon!
Have made the chocolate truffle tart, marvelous..........
I hope the other recipes to be demo'd this afternoon will be up and available on the website later.

Thanks for the video stream, I'll catch more tomorrow!
Posted: 3:02 pm on October 30th

caroljay99 writes: I love this concept! I am learning so much... Posted: 2:57 pm on October 30th

carl25 writes: Heaven is made of Chocolate. Wish I was at the New York show thanks for posting for the rest of us to see. Posted: 2:47 pm on October 30th

StevenHB writes: Sounds better than working to me! Posted: 2:40 pm on October 30th

TerryAnne writes: WOW!! What a fantastic experience to join along with such a wonderful NY event from my chair in Florida. Interesting, since I just attended a chocolate tasting by an up and coming chocolatier, William Brown of William Dean Chocolates in Tampa Bay, FL. I learned about various chocolates from the tropic zones. We smelled and tasted four kinds of chocolate and in doing so, I came away with a better appreciation of chocolate. This is just an extension of that chocolate tasting and a wonderful opportunity to eavesdrop on a great NY event with Fine Cooking. Posted: 2:36 pm on October 30th

Jayeno writes: I so wish the public would be able to participate in The Chocolate Show; I think it would be divine and I could swipe a niece or nephew and take them with me to their (and their parents') delight. Imagine all the beautiful confections the Masters must be creating; the warm, glistening goo of lovely chocolate and the SMELL in the air. I need to stop and fan myself. It is too much for the senses. Oh heaven. Posted: 2:34 pm on October 30th

Gaib writes: Looking forward to finding something special for the Holidays. Thank you. Posted: 2:34 pm on October 30th

KK13 writes: Yummy! The jeans tighten just watching! So much more appetizing than the average Halloween bag item! Posted: 2:32 pm on October 30th

TerryAnne writes: WOW! This is just fantastic. Just last week I attended a chocolate tasting by an up and coming chocolatier, William Brown of William Dean Chocolates in Tampa Bay, Florida. At this chocolate tasting, we learned about the facts of interesting chocolates from Africa and South America that chocolate concerns around the world use in the confections. This is just a wonderful extension of the chocolate tasting for me. Thank you for allowing us to join in and experience this fantastic event. Posted: 2:30 pm on October 30th

brj writes: Chocolate, chocolate, more chocolate. Love the Chocolate Truffle Tart!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 2:30 pm on October 30th

teli writes: I'm a chocolate lover and can never get enough of chocolate. Posted: 2:22 pm on October 30th

easyfeelings writes: I missed the beginning of the session. I think streaming videos are marvelous. Are these video going to be available online after the show. What will be the link? Fine Cooking is a great magazine and I have learned lots of hints and recipes from the magazine. Would love to win "Absolutely Chocolate" I absolutely love chocolate. Posted: 2:21 pm on October 30th

shanzer writes: Missed the beginning of the video but loved what I saw, especially the hint for chopping the ginger. Just received latest issue of Fine Cooking and will be making the Hot Chocolate layer cake next week Posted: 2:15 pm on October 30th

PWinn writes: Next best thing to being there. Anybody craving chocolate right now as much as I am? Great job Fine Cooking staff! Posted: 2:15 pm on October 30th

LadyJean writes: Great fun! I have a similar brownie bite recipe and everyone always loves them. At least everyone who loves chocolate does (like me). : ) Posted: 2:11 pm on October 30th

MSSalt writes: The demo sent me to the kitchen to make this beautiful tart! Posted: 2:11 pm on October 30th

LauraEllis writes: I would certainly note have the opportunity to attend this in any other way. Thanks to the organizers!

One request: would the speaker please repeat the questions asked by the audience so that we at home can get a better sense of what is being explained?

Posted: 2:11 pm on October 30th

psquared writes: Watching this video makes me want to run to the store, buy the necessary ingredients and bake furiously! I love chocolate and when you add espresso flavor...All I can say is WOW! Posted: 2:08 pm on October 30th

computercook writes: What a great idea! Now if you could only manage to serve us samples while we're watching the computer! Posted: 2:02 pm on October 30th

birdlie writes: This is great, to bad you there is no smell-o-vision Posted: 1:56 pm on October 30th

HiJo writes: What fun! Great ideas to go with the cool weather we're about to have, and am enjoying the feed, too. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the opportunity to attend the event remotely! Posted: 1:50 pm on October 30th

raitken_fcweb writes: Abby's on everybody. Enjoy the show! Posted: 1:34 pm on October 30th

Hockeygirl writes: Gotta love chocolate.....At least I won't be tempted by
the smells. Thanks for providing the feed. Posted: 1:31 pm on October 30th

remark_gi writes: Can't wait for the demos - thanks for making my laundry time a little sweeter!! Posted: 1:29 pm on October 30th

xoxnemesisx writes: Can't wait! Posted: 1:29 pm on October 30th

karolinawren writes: Yummmm, looking forward to an interesting and fun session watching the demos! Thanks for showing this. Posted: 1:18 pm on October 30th

MargeryC writes: What a great idea!
Can't get enough chocolate. Posted: 1:16 pm on October 30th

Kathleen_G writes: Sounds like fun, but I'll miss the taste testing! Posted: 1:09 pm on October 30th

Gaib writes: I'm looking forward to finding ideas for the holidays. Thank you. Posted: 12:29 pm on October 30th

Jean writes: What a terrific idea. Can't wait to see it. There goes my original plans for this afternoon. Posted: 12:23 pm on October 30th

KevinInSA writes: Streaming the show is a great idea. Thanks for sharing! Posted: 12:16 pm on October 30th

monelle writes: Impatiently waiting to see Nick Malgieri and Francois Payard - what a great opportunity for this chocoholic!!! Posted: 11:58 am on October 30th

scrappergirl writes: WOW, wish I could be there. Chocolate is one of my favorite food groups! Posted: 11:57 am on October 30th

PETEY2 writes: I am so excited! I know that this is going to be WONDERFUL! Posted: 11:49 am on October 30th

CANDILADY writes: Got the computer all ready to go to watch the demo's! Just have to explain to the 2 year old why he can't watch Sesame Street..... Posted: 11:44 am on October 30th

siouxchef writes: Looking forward to this!!! Posted: 11:18 am on October 30th

mmmedof writes: Ohmigosh--I can hardly wait! A day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine!!! Thank you for availing us of this opportunity! Posted: 11:17 am on October 30th

cookykamp writes: Thanks for the opportunity to see this! Great distraction on a slow day at work. Hey...I brake for Chocolate!!!! Posted: 11:10 am on October 30th

LollyKate writes: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see some amazing people in action. :) Posted: 11:01 am on October 30th

dixie_girl writes: This is so cool! I look forward to learning some new recipes and techniques. Nothing beats a Good Bite and Slow Savor of Chocolate!! Thanks for letting me know and share this experience. Posted: 11:00 am on October 30th

audrey551 writes: Great Idea can hardly wait. Waiting with anticipation for Jacques Torres and many others. Thank You Posted: 10:56 am on October 30th

Ohiofoodie writes: I just ate an entire "coffin" box of chocolates from Burdick's last night, so I am more than ready for these demos today! I am especially interested in Nick Malgieri, whose cookie books have been my Bible for baking. Posted: 10:50 am on October 30th

eromanow writes: What a great idea! Can't wait to watch some of these demos. Posted: 10:47 am on October 30th

shindel49 writes: Who loves chocolate more than me? I am so excited to be able to spend my day (off and on) with you, experiencing my favorite food group. Thanks for letting me know this is happening. Posted: 10:36 am on October 30th

AndieReid writes: Thanks, guys! This is a great distraction from work on a Friday afternoon! Posted: 10:04 am on October 30th

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