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How to Make a Salt Crust for a Roast

By Jennifer Armentrout, editor

October 28th, 2009

There’s an unusual but simple technique behind the beef rib roast featured in Nancy Oakes' "Dressed Up" menu: A salt crust that flavors the meat and keeps it juicy during roasting. It’s such a cool cooking method that we couldn’t pass up the chance to show you what it looks like in action.

how to make a salt  crust   roll the dough
Kosher salt, flour, egg white, spices, and herbs are ready for mixing into a smooth dough.  

After chilling, the dough is malleable and easy to roll into a rectangle large enough to completely cover the roast.

drape the dough   remove the shell

The dough gets draped over the seared roast. If the dough tears during draping, you can patch it back together by pressing the tears together and using excess dough from one area to cover any bare patches in another. Try to cover the meat completely.


During roasting, the dough hardens into a shell. Break away any edges tucked under the roast or stuck to the rack until the shell is loose enough to lift off in one piece, revealing the beautiful meat underneath.

Photos: Scott Phillips

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